15 dried plants Art ideas

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Dried Lagurus, Dried flowers, Natural dried bunch, Natural dried plant, Dried Bunny Tails Grass,Pink flowers, Dried filler, easter decor

Dried lilac Lagurus, Dried flowers, Natural dried bunch, Natural dried plant, Dried Bunny Tails Gras Dried Lagurus – ideal bouquet for a gift or a bouquet that will decorate your house. Price for 1 bunch of Dried Bunny Tails Grass: Approximate 60 – 65 steams; Approximate Length: 8,26 – 18,11 inches ( 21 – 46 cm) Bud length from 1,18 – 1,96 inches ( 3- 5 cm). Delivery from Ukraine to the United States takes 10-35 days by air. To Europe – 10 – 25 days by air. During the any Holidays, it can take up to 45 days. Keep this in mind if you plan to buy flowers on a specific date Lagurus has villi (these are seeds) that fall out. It is peculiar to this plant. You can remove the villus yourself or leave. They themselves will crumble over time. This does not mean that the lagurus is poorly dried. Sticking villi are seeds that are gradually crumbling, while keeping the lagurus in good condition. Etsy doesn’t hold sellers responsible for shipping delays or errors, as long as the seller can prove that they shipped the item on time to the address on the Etsy receipt. If the item was shipped and has a tracking number, you may be able to contact the shipping carrier directly to open a claim. These dried flowers have been collected by me personally at a summer residence. They contain summer, warmth and happiness. PLEASE NOTE – It’s real dried flowers. They are fragile in nature. I try to pack as carefully and reliably as possible. – However, they require careful use. Any dried flowers gradually lose color when they are in the open sun or in a humid room. – The real colors may different on your display. Thank you for visiting our family shop!