DIY Glue Snowflakes

I’m always looking for simple holiday crafts to do with the kids. And Ornaments are always a hit, so this project, which uses very basic craft supplies, was quite the hit in our home. It’s the perfect project for a stay inside cold December day.

Things you’ll need:
School glue
Wax paper
Paper and pen
Crystal glitter or other colors of your choice
Needle and thread

Things to do:
1. Draw basic snowflake shapes onto the paper using a pen or marker. Keep them simple, especially for young children.

2. Lay the wax paper over the snowflake template and tape or hold it in place.
3. Following the lines of the template, draw lines of glue onto the wax paper.

4. Sprinkle generously with glitter and allow the glue to dry overnight.

5. Once dry, peel the snowflakes up and thread a hanger through the top using the needle and thread.


Glue Snowflakes. Lay wax paper over snowflake template. Draw lines with glue. Sprinkle w/glitter. Dry overnight. Add string to hang.


Source: HERE