Hooked on You Tackle Box

Step 1- Purchase a bigger, better, sturdier, more usable tackle box. I bought this beauty at Walmart on the fishing aisle (yes, that exists) for exactly $5.46

Step 2- Purchase appropriate candies. Make sure your gentleman likes them. Fish, worms, & frogs are best.

Step 3- Wash the box with hot, soapy water & remove the sticker(s).

Step 4- Let it dry.

Step 5- Cut apart the dividers. Get real close to the edge so they fit perfectly. Boys must be really good at this because I had a hard time.

Step 6- Keep cutting till you’re done. Okay you’re done.

Step 7- Place all the dividers wherever you would like them to go. Do not discard the extras. Chances are, someone’s going to ask you where they are after they finish the candy…

Step 8- Open up your bags/boxes of candy

Step 8- Lay them out if needed & trim to fit into box. Color code if necessary.

Step 9- Fill the box with delightful candies. Rearrange as needed.

Step 10- Stare at all the pretty colors & do not eat even one! I used every single piece of candy I bought. I totally thought I would have extra. Luckily, they all fit snuggly in the box.

Ahhh I love the final product! So will you! So will our fishermen!!

If only all tackle boxes were edible…

I would enjoy fishing so much more.