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Stash Busting Crochet Projects

Anybody who crochets often knows all about the stash that accumulates over time. Perhaps you have a yard or 2 of this color and half a skein of that and you love them both and don’t want them to go to waste. So today I’m sharing 20+ amazing little crochet patterns and tutorials (little in size, not awesomeness!) to help us all bust that stash! Please be kind and click through to these amazing projects and pin them from their original source. Thanks! Don’t you hate when your hands get chilly when you’re taking out an entire pint of Ben and Jerry’s? Me, too! Save your fingers from frostbite with this fab little ice cream sweater pattern over at Cut Out and Keep. Oh, my goodness. I bet that you, like me, didn’t realize that you need, and I mean truly NEED, a crochet keyboard duster. Is this not just about the cutest darn thing you’ve ever seen? And that color combo is to die for! I haven’t read a real book in ages as I’m totally addicted to my Kindle Paperwhite E-reader. It turns out that it’s so much easier to deal with one little e-reader instead of 3 different paperback books when you want to read on the go 🙂 But I do have friends and family who are keen on keeping the printed word around making this little yarn stash-busting project from Daisy Cottage Designs one to store away for the perfect little gift. Get the details to make these super sweet crochet flower bookmarks perfect for readers who like to keep their place but don’t like dog ears! I have never owned any Russian nesting dolls but I have always wanted them. It looks like now thanks to Picot Pals I can hook up my own! Get the pattern to make your own Matryoshka Crochet Dolls here! I need to own all of the succulents! Every last one! But where is a girl to put them all? I am in LOVE with these crochet air plant pots. Because I think an air plant is a succulent but even if it isn’t it looks the part so I’m still sold. Be sure to get your directions over at Whistle and Ivy! One day I had gotten it into my mind that my cats simply needed some crochet feathers. I sat down for about 2 minutes before I got distracted and, alas, my kitties have been crochet feather free ever since. It’s a good thing, though, because now I don’t need to figure out how to make ’em I’ve just got to get over to Poppy and Bliss for their fab tutorial for Tunisian Stitch Crochet Feathers and get on it! Everybody needs scrubbers. Dishes and bodies get dirty and have to be cleaned and so you might as well tackle these every day occurances with the style and fun that these crochet Tawashi Scrubbers from Cedar & Linn. I never knew that chairs need socks but the second I spied these little cuties from Plus 3 Crochet I was sold! Socks for all of the chairs, stat!!! Yet another Whistle & Ivy project do bust your scrap are these adorable crochet flip flops that make perfect little key chains. Summer may be coming to an end but that’s no reason to not revel in the spirit of it as long as possible! Not all that long ago I decided I was going to make covers for my soaps. I started and then I forgot all about it and that project was left behind and lost somewhere unknown. Though had it been known, I guess it wouldn’t have exactly been lost, though, right? At any rate seeing these bright, colorful and cheery crochet soap holders makes me want to grab some cotton and hop to it! While this project from Repeat Crafter Me isn’t technically a scrap buster BUT I figure if you miniaturized it with yarn you have in the stash could have the cutest little crochet pencils it totally could be. Perhaps bigger is always better so use your own judgement if you’re going to go cute and comfy plushie or if you’re going to shrink it down to adorable little crochet pencils! So this is like the coolest crochet and woven washcloth business and I am just loving it! Well, actually it’s a crochet Tawashi bundle, but I’ll let you head on over to Needle-Works Butterfly to learn more about this awesome little stash busting project! Everybody needs little bowls, right? I am pretty sure it’s because we all have way too much junk and I’m totally in the process of paring my business down BUT I still have all of these itty bitty odds and ends that I just have to keep because otherwise I’ll just find myself buying a bit batch of whatever so I can get 2 or 3 out of it. So little bowls it is! And I can’t find any that I like better than these cuties from Lorajean’s Magazine because they’re simply perfect. Get the details and make your own crochet mini baskets! I’m going to let you know that I am kind of afraid of geckos. Like, not tons because there are so many of them here and they get in the house and I have to catch them with my hands and rescue them or feel guilty knowing that my cats are going to destroy them in the meanest way possible so I’ve sort of gotten used to them despite myself. BUT even when I was terrified of them I still thought they were cute and even then I would had wigged out over how awesome this DIY crochet gecko bookmark business is! Because it is totally and utterly awesome 🙂 There’s something that is so cheery about a colorful window treatment. Add in some crochet, shaped like flowers in cheery colors and your window has just become too cute for words, amIright? Learn how to make these lovely crochet half flowers from Once