19 knitting and crochet Projects fun ideas

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Free DIY Basket Pattern you can Knit up in a Flash

Pretty DIY project baskets you can knit up quick and easy. This simple craft project requires a single skein of yarn and requires only basic knitting stitches and a little bit of single crochet. Perfect knitting for beginners project. Knit up a few to give away as handmade gifts. This fun yarn project can be completed in less than an hour too! This cute DIY basket can be knitted in about an hour even if you’re a slow knitter. Since this project uses jumbo yarn (size 7), it does not require a lot of stitches. There are no complicated stitches in this project either if you can knit stitch and single crochet, you’ll be able to create this knitted basket. I am always amazed at how fast jumbo and chunky yarns knit up. It’s perfect for someone as impatient as I am, plus I like the look of the big knit projects. The basket is 10 inches across and


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19 knitting and crochet Projects fun ideas



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