18 fitness Tips training ideas

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Torch Calories with HIIT

Torch Calories with HIIT -   18 fitness Tips training ideas

High-intensity interval training! Get your heart beating, burn calories and just knock out a quick workout but still feel the burn! Great for cardiovascular health, endurance and stamina. Check out this full body HITT workout created by the BootyQueen herself. Includes jumping jacks, body weight squats, side lunges, hip thrusts, burpees, jumping lunges, pulsing squats, kickbacks! Summer workouts. Outdoor workouts. Free Workouts. Fitness Tips. #freeworkouts #freehiitworkout HIIT Benefits & Workout Plan Burn calories in 30 minutes! Okay ladies, are you ready to burn some calories and get that heart rate up?!…

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18 fitness Tips training ideas