DIY..kalk paint easily make yourself …

I take a matte acyl color (fence color) and sometimes add some wall paint for better coverage.
But with this basic recipe you can play a bit and just test out what you like better.

First, I mix the color I want … in this case turquoise.
Normal tinting color works well.

Now you have two options:
either you do it as in the picture and mix the plaster directly under the paint ..
you first mix the plaster with a bit of water and then add the whole thing to the color,
Personally, I do it like in the picture .. but I have to say, if you touch the plaster beforehand, less lumps .. the painting result is the same.

then it has to be stirred vigorously ..

You will immediately notice that the color thickened immediately. Of course that comes from the plaster.
Just stir in so much water until a nice creamy texture is formed.
I do not make my color so thin .. I think it better if she is a little thicker ..
But you have to decide that yourself.
It works either way.

And do not worry, if you have lumps in the color .. they can easily pass ..

Lime paint dries very quickly .. in the end, you can, the piece of furniture if you want, a little grind and treat with wax.
I take natural wax and apply it thinly with a brush.

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