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Mind Blowing Optical Illusion Pictures And Images


4M Illusion Science...


  1. Experiment with 20 classic optical illusions included in this kit.
  2. The kit includes illusion trick cards, spinning top with illusion cards, 3D picture cards, markers, 3D glasses, and more.
  3. A 20-page instruction book is included, describing the science of optical illusions and how to create a wide range of illusory effects.
  4. Perfect for young scientists with an interest in optics.
  5. Recommended for ages 7 years and up.
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  9. Experiment with over 20 optic activities
  10. Learn the scientific explanations behind the optic activities
  11. Kit includes illusion tricks card, spinning top with illusion cards, 3D picture cards, markers, 3D glasses and more
  12. Challenge your eyes with these classic illusions
  13. For ages 7 and over

Family Games America Optical Illusion Card Deck Ga...


  1. How sharp is your mind? Complete all 50 optical illusion cards from Family Games for the ultimate brain teaser activity
  2. Each of the high-quality, glossy cards have an object or image on them that are visually perceived to differ from reality
  3. See how your friends and family view the illusions differently based on individual thoughts, emotions and experiences
  4. Recommended for adults and children ages 10 years and up
  5. Product Dimensions: 4.5'' L x 1.1'' W x 6.1'' H