20 wedding table

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20 wedding table  20 wedding table

8. DIY Rustic Wedding Table Numbers  Display these paper wedding table numbers from your flower vases or jars for a rustic, vintage or country wedding. {DIY Tip} Gather plain cream coverstock, damask patterned cardstock, vinatge book paper, metal eyelets, adhesive and cotton twine. Stencil and cut a rounded-edged shape from the sturdy damask patterned cardstock in your preferred size. Repeat this process by creating the same, yet smaller shapes from the cream coverstock. Glue the cream coverstock on top of the patterned cardstock. Next, stencil and cut each number from the vintage book paper. Glue the paper number on top of the cream coverstock. Punch two holes above the paper number and insert the metal eyelets, before stringing through the cotton twine. {Buy it ready made here: Jo Blake} | (Above Right) 9. DIY Wedding Snapshots Table Numbers  This table number idea makes a great wedding keepsake that can be displayed in your home. Different romantic photo poses of the engaged couple holding the various numbers can easily be captured or even shot during your e-shoot! Get the DIY here. {Featured by: Our Love Nest | photographed by  Dana Duncan}