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French Cottage Bathroom Vanity: How to get the look details

French Cottage Bathroom Vanity: How to get the look details -   18 french decor bathroom

French Cottage Bathroom Vanity: How to get the look details – Oh the bathroom renovation project…  it just keeps getting better and better. And by better and better, I mean… bett… Oh the bathroom renovation project… it just keeps getting better and better. And by better and better, I mean… better but more complicated. That is how I work. 🙂 But today… it is all about where to find all those pieces to get the look. I am one of those people who sometimes changes design and planning midstream. You know like ‘let’s knock this wall down, open up this area and then put this here’ only to start to do that and say ‘WAIT… I have an idea…’ Never a dull moment here. But I have learned that as soon as I know WHAT I want that renovation to look like- it changes again. And I will admit (shh..only to you guys- not to my husband) sometimes, what I want it to look like goes in a circle and righ back to what I wanted in the first place. Insert disgusted husband and middle son wearing tool belts faces. Thankfully, with the bathroom renovation- we are ALL GOOD. I haven’t changed plans, veered off the original bathroom course- or decided that the vanity is all.wrong. and we have to start over. I am loving how it has turned out so far- and if you read my earlier post- you know it isn’t completely wrapped just yet. Marble counter, baby. And today it is all about the vanity and the details. SO many questions about where to find so many of the elements I used in this project- and so, here you go! *some affiliate links* Console: Eloquence. This is a custom designed piece- the console is actually just a console. I just saw a sink base and fell in love and so we turned took that Cinderella dream story console and turned it into a sink vanity. Vessel Sinks: HERE Yes, these are the ones that are not the ones that they should have been. But they have grown on us and so we have kept them. They are a bit taller than we had planned for- I think there may have been an ooops on the UPC but they actually work well. Brass Bridge Faucets: Similar HERE I am a huge fan of vintage style anything. These bridge faucets were a mega deal compared to some you see out there. French Country Sconces: HERE Every good vanity deserves a pair of oversized French style sconces don’t you think? These are an amazing find- and an amazing price. Just be mindful of the size as they are quite large- they do have other sizes available. Oversized Mirror: Similar HERE I found this at RH in the baby section. Did I think it was too immature for a grown up room? No way, I would totally have wanted this beauty in my kids room. Same size, same details. I have linked a similar less expensive version. Laundry Basket: Similar HERE Yep, this was that vintage French laundry basket that cost me a chunkachange to ship back from just one state over. But… at $35- it was well worth it. If you don’t count the $130 shipping charge. White Towels: HERE We were down to the clean up and photo shoot work when I realized that I needed more.towels. to fill that basket up. I am kind of a nut about towels. Not a fan of cardboard or sandpaper style cheap towels- so I looked online and saw a crazy good sale at Penney’s. I placed the order online, my son stopped and picked them up while he was at the market- and they arrived tied up with pretty little silver ribbons. Best part- each bath towel was under $5 and is plush and delicious. Brass drain pipes: HERE I think that is about it as far as details go for the vanity – but stay tuned for the rest of the bathroom renovation. Happy Monday everyone!