16 rustic desserts Plating ideas

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Wooden cake pedestal

The mixed wood cake stand is handmade by the talented Jesus Romero in Merida, in the Venezuelan Andes. Jesus’ work combines generations of woodworking expertise with modern design and is widely celebrated around the world. This cake stand is made using the edge-grain of eight different kinds of wood. The woods used are a mix of local exotic hardwoods and imported specialty materials. They include Cinaro, Eucalyptus, Teak, Brazilian Saman, Black Saman, Pinewood, Mahogany and Ash. Each wood has its own properties and feel, and all of them add to the stunning nature of this unique cake stand. This small cake stand is ideal for adding natural warmth to your table, accenting your kitchen and serving all kinds of treats. With its gorgeous look and unique feel, this piece will outshine any cake it carries. Romero Workshop believes in quality above all else, and only produces a limited number of pieces for each design. As a result, each of their items is unique and very much sought after.