14 fitness Routine weights ideas

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If you’re looking to shake up your fitness routine and build a smokeshow booty, try this fun and intense cardio stair master workout routine. Cardio can get really boring. You pick a machine and plod along. You tell yourself you’re not allowed to check the time. Booty and quad burner. Pick a lead leg step to over the second step to the third step. Give it a try. It is hard. It will trick you and torture you. It will KICK. YOUR. BUTT. (But you will love it!) Cardio days or stay home days? The stairmaster workout exercises you’ll read are amazing to tone,shape and lift your tush! The “golden machine of cardio” aka the stairmaster is an answer for you. It’s the machine that looks like a mini-stairway to nowhere town and it is hard. The best part about the stairmaster is that it helps add to