Superb DIY Headboard Ideas

Tufted Upholstered Headboard Project:

modern tufted upholstered headboard tutorialAgain a praise-worthy, bizarre and luxurious piece of headboard, handcrafted at home! Install the frame with wood and add the peg board in front of the frame! Now apply coats of spray adhesive and layer the foam and batting over it! Apply the final fabric cover and get crafty with holes, string and buttons for modern style tufting! Complete guide and instruction here remodelaholic

King Size Upholstered Headboard:

upholstered headboard DIYaGrab any printed fabric like this damask fabric with turquoise solid patterns! Cut the fabric in squares without damaging or losing the shape of patterns! Now put a wood sheet square (smaller than the fabric square) in each fabric square and fold back the edges! Don’t forget to fill it soft using a fluffy polyester fiberfill! Now prepare a desired amount of such a squares and line them up on a wooden board for a precious headboard! An easy yet modern headboard idea! Full Details and tutorial here realitydaydream

Camel Back Style Rustic Wooden King Headboard:

DIY Headboard
First of all make a template out of cardboard like this curvy headboard template! Don’t shy to go with your own choice! Now put it onto your floored up wooden boards and trace the outlines! Now cut the wood using a jigsaw along the marked template outlines! You will get an artistic wooden headboard at the end! Complete directions and instructions here prettyhandygirl

Homemade Tufted Headboard:

homemade beautiful tufted headboardCut out the wooden template for your headboard from a plywood sheet like this camel-back style headboard template! Stick the foam sheets over it using an adhesive and then add the batting and fabric! Choose the batting and fabric with several extra inches as you have to fold them back to wood later! Now decide the locations for buttons and put the screws in to wood along with the washers! Beautiful tufted headboard would be ready to bring coziness and style to you bed! Full DIY guide and Tutorial here pneumaticaddict

Old Door into Precious Headboard:

old door into headboardUse the old doors as alternatives to expensive wooden headboards! Recondition the select the door by removing the hardware first like the lock holes, handles and hinges! Fill the wooden surfaces smooth using wood putty and just apply the finishing paint coats you have selected! Transform the reconditioned door into headboard by adding a chair-rail molding to top of it! Full Directions and DIY Tutorial Here countryliving

Upcycled Cedar Fence Pickets Headboard:

reclaimed cedar fence pickets headboardFloor up the selected wooden planks brace them together! Now trace out the pattern by putting a pattern template onto it, use cardboard to make a template first! Go with jigsaw and cut along the traced lines for final artistic headboard! Pretty simple to do! Full Guide and Tutorial Here addicted2decorating

Self-Made Upholstered Headboard with Nail head Trim:

handcrafted upholstered headboard with nail head trimMake your bedroom note-worthy with the help of this upholstered headboard! It will goes up to the ceiling for a whole dramatic background to your bed! Willing to make it at home? Full Guide and Details Here hgtv

Beautiful Tufted Headboard:

handmade tufted headboardScooped self-tufted headboard, will make a cozy statement in your bedroom! Get ready with a some plywood, batting and with a fabric cover if want to own it! Step by step instructions for this tufted headboard project are here thriftydecorchick

White DIY Ruffled Headboard:

DIY ruffled headboardBoost the feminine touch of lady bedrooms with this ruffled fabric headboard! It will bring soft cozy vibe also to your bedroom! All you need to get busy a little with your sewing machine and fabric stripes! Complete directions here

Upcycled Aged Wood Headboard:

precious wooden headboardRusticity of wood would work best if you want to give a lovely aged touch to your bedroom! The method is to use rustic wood to make a beautiful headboard! If you are all trying to find the rustic wood, the planks from rustic pallets would also work great! designsponge

Fancy Book Headboard:

headboard made of old booksPut together two cut down sizes of a plywood sheet or get a single one according to your measured values! Next just start hiding the wood by mounting the old books over! Hammer nail over the books to wood to hold books in place even white they are hanging! This headboard would make a valued gift for book lovers! Full guide and DIY tutorial here designeverydayblog

Purple and White Framed Tufted Headboard:

purple and white framed tufted headboardTime to recycle the old dresser mirror frames for stylish headboards! Just fill up the space holding the mirror with tufted headboard, you will get a nicely framed tufted headboard! This will lure the number of views of your bed and will add a “wow” factor to entire bedroom! Want to know that how to do the fittings and tufting as well? Here is the full step-by-step DIY guide makeit-loveit

Gorgeous Fabric Headboard:

self-installed fabric headboardGet crafty with the printed fabric squares and with cardboard or plywood squares to build this beautiful fabric headboard! Wrap the wooden squares in the fabric squares with a little foam and batting stuffed in! Repeat this process to get as many tufted squares as you want for your headboard! Complete guide and DIY tutorial here allthingsthrifty

Kid’s Headboard Made of Noodles:

reclaimed pool noodle headboard

Rustic Wooden Headboard:

self-made rustic wooden headboard

DIY IKEA Hack Stikwood Headboard:

handcrafted stikwood headboardThis stikwood headboard will be a satisfactory solution for those who are not handy at wood-works but want to own a beautiful wooden headboard! Simple use the stikwood to cover a Malm headboard and enjoy a headboard very close to real wood-made! Full DIY instructions and project details here sugarandcloth

Stylish Upholstered Headboard with Accent Nail Head Trim:

home-built tufted headboard with nail head trimFirst of all design the wooden headboard using plywood or any other wood like this! If you have composed a number of wooden parts to compose your targeted model then do install the latest hardware to secure them in place! Finally finished wooden headboard will work as a template, give it a foam overlay and then a layer of batting over! Final step would to cover the entire model with fabric! Don’t forget about the nail head trim! Full guide for this modern tufted headboard is here huntedinterior

Custom Upholstered Headboard with Nail Head Trim:

king tufted headboard with nail head trimThis precious upholstered headboard is also what you need to cozy up your bedroom in a a style! A wooden board, a fabric with your own chosen prints, foam, batting and a nail head trim are all you need to clone this modern tufted bed! Step-by-step construction and details here fromgardners2bergers

Handmade Tufted Headboard with Nail Head Trim:

gorgeous tufted headboard with nail head trimIf you have not satisfied yet about how to make tufted headboards of your own then here is another charming one! Beautifully tufted in the same way! It is as stylish as it is soft and comfortable! Full guide and tutorial here orange-sugar.blogspot

Self-Installed Bed Canopy Headboard:

homemade headboard canopyCut the fabric you have chosen with your own custom prints, to size! Get 5 feet extra to size that covers entire background wall from bottom to ceiling! Extra 5 feet would be for the canopy! For installation of canopy, install two adjustable curtain rods, one to ceiling and one to wall! Use well suiting hardware brackets to fix the rods tight without any danger of injurious fall! Put the fabric on the rods and let it hang, canopy headboard is ready!! Full Guide and Tutorial Here designsponge

DIY Wrought Iron Headboard:

upcycled wrought iron grill headboardIf you have a piece of iron fence or a wrought iron grill, then simply give it a solid wooden base to let it stand individually! Next you can put it behind your bed as a rustic accent headboard! Complete direction and DIY instructions here somedaycrafts.blogspot

Old Door + Rope Headboard:

upcycled old door and rope headboardNeed a rustic headboard? Gain a beautiful one by going creative with an old door and rope! Simply give the entire reclaimed old door a rope wrap and get a mind-blowing rustic headboard for free! In absence of the door, a same sized piece of wood can also be used! Here is how to make it ourfifthhouse

DIY Light Up and Quoted Headboard:

handcrafted light up headboardQuoted and lighted headboard have always been a bit more fetching! So time to design them at home using custom DIY techniques! Use the projector to trace out the custom letters on the headboard! Next, palm the hand-drill to holes on the traced out lines of the letters! Now a do a little electrical work and put light inside the holes! don’t forget to paint the letters after drilling! Great way to personalize your bed! Step-by-step DIY instructions here abeautifulmess

Cute Lighted Moon and Star Kid’s Headboard:

kids moon and star headboardThis special moon and star headboard is going to make kid’s bedrooms look more fanciful! Cut a piece of plywood to size, use a paper moon template to draw outlines for the moon! Now fix screws along the traced moon-outlines, push only the half of the screws in the wood! Now use string lights and weave the moon shape by wrapping around the erected screws! Cut out stars from colored papers and mount them around the moon, that’s it! Full guide and DIY tutorial here diynetwork

Vintage Sign into Headboard DIY:

recycled vintage sign into headboard

DIY Epic Floral Headboard:

self-made floral headboardHere is a pretty floral headboard to create bigger decor statements of your entire bed! Fill the white West Elm headboard with West Elm paper flowers and enjoy floral head of your bed! Full DIY tutorial here designlovefest

Handcrafted Aluminum Flashing Headboard:

diy aluminum flashing headboardJust grab and MDF board in size equal to your headboard! Cover it up with aluminum flashing stripes! Make use of staple gun to fix aluminum flashing in place! This is all you need to do while cloning this terrific and odd kind of headboard! Full DIY guide here renewredo.blogspot

Easy DIY West Elm Morocco Headboard:

cute west elm morocco headboardFor this precious West Elm headboard, just stick 2 of rubber mats side by side on a plywood sheet! Be careful about the sizes! Fix the rubber mats on wood using nails and don’t forget to paint and stain the plywood in our favorite color! Complete details here karapaslaydesigns

Amazing Pegboard Headboard:

beautiful pegboard headboardUse peg boards to install headboard that will be capable to hold further your mural art frames and decorative toys too! Here you can see a hand-built one, as cool and stylish as one can wish a headboard to be! Step-by-guide DIY instructions here sugarandcloth

Precious String Light DIY Headboard:

DIY string light headboardGet the lights and cable clips in hands and just fix them on the lines drawn with a pencil! it may even be a house or a cartoon or even a shape of animal! Using lights is another cool way to install distinctive headboard to kid’s bedrooms! Want to copy this project? Complete guide and DIY tutorial here vtwonen

Picket Fence Wooden Headboard:

reclaimed picket fence headboardPrepare a wooden headboard first and then cover it up with picket fence pieces arranged in a pattern! You can paint picket fence pieces differently for a colorful look or just keep the natural rustic look of them! Here some of picket fence pieces have been whitewashed a little before getting mounted on the wooden headboard! Further details and DIY tutorial here diynetwork

Hand-built Vintage Styled Headboard:

hand-built vintage styled headboardMake use of burlap fabric while getting the headboards covered for vintage style statements! Burlap covers may even work great for the headboard you are going to tuft! Rest of detail and full DIY guide here myhomeideas

Modern High-Back Tufted Headboard:

tufted high-back modern headboardWant to own this snazzy high-back tufted & modern headboard? Built it your own on a low-cost price using your favorite fabric cover, batting and foam! Would be cost-efficient way to get your bedroom luxurious! Here is how to make it cleverdiy.weebly

Self-Installed Floating Headboard with Back LED Lights:

hand-built floating headboard with back LED lightsMeasure the area behind your bed for the headboard! Install brackets, LED lights and stud mounted cleats to measured area! Now install a piece of wood with MDF backing as headboard and cover up the space! Floating lighted headboard is ready to fancy up your bedroom at night! Full DIY tutorial here removeandreplace

Lasting Chain-Link Headboard:

self-made chain-link headboard

Unique Art Style Headboard:

handcrafted unique art style headboardReclaim bigger mirror or picture frame to build special headboards! Just paint the in your favorite way and cover it up with a fabulous fabric you like and finally make the inside of it upholstered! Rest of detail and DIY tutorial here bluedogzdesigncom

Fabric Covered Tufted Curvy Headboard:

handmade tufted and fabric covered curvy headboardIf you are willing to have outstanding good look of your bedroom then owing this floral tufted headboard is mandatory! Basic curvy shape is made of plywood while batting and foam sheets have been applied for better tufting! Complete details and full free DIY guide here taylormadecreates

Precious Curtain + Lights Headboard:

precious curtain headboard with lightsInstall an adjustable curtain rod to ceiling-wall corner! Now chose your favorite curtain (should be transparent for light emission) and add the LED lights to backside of it! This headboard would be above all in making your bed look fanciful! Full guide and DIY tutorial here simplyyourcreations

Easy-to-Make Cottage-Style Headboard:

homemade cottage style headboardGrab a primed MDF plywood board and just fill it up with custom vertical and horizontal arrangements of wooden board! Give a nice paint finish at the end and enjoy a cottage-style headboard on an ever low cost price! Complete guide and instructions here diynetwork

Curvy Repurposed Wood Headboard:

curvy wooden DIY headboardPut together the slats of wood you have selected and tape the curvy paper template over them! Trace the outlines using a marker and then keep on cutting the wood long the traced lines using a jigsaw until you left with only a curvy headboard design! Brace the backside of it and enjoy a self-made stylish headboard! You can use the pallet wood slats for this project! Further details here remodelaholic

Distressed Upcycled Wood Headboard:

rustic pallet wood headboardPluck apart the planks from pallet boards and put them together for custom headboard shapes and designs! This is an every inexpensive way to gain arty style wooden headboards! Full guide for this headboard here livesimply

Faux Shiplap Key-Stone Wooden Headboard:

self-installed shiplap keystone headboardUse a paper template to cut the arched top of the headboard! Rest of body of headboard is all easy to make! Just brace some wooden slats together for it! Apply the arched top and borders and enjoy this free shiplap headboard design! Will give subtle manifestation to your entire bed! Complete DIY tutorial here homedepot

DIY Headboard with Decorative Shelf:

wooden half tufted headboard with shelfThis headboard project is just going to blow your mind! Having a shelf on the back bed’s wall? Just turn it into a cozy headboard through some easy steps! Here is how to do it robin-happyathome.blogspot

Old Door Vintage Headboard with Light Scones:

vintage headboard made of old doorReclaim an old door for building a vintage headboard! Trim it down to size, add custom legs and finish it up with custom light scones at both ends! One can also prefer the reading lights! install the better hardware to its legs so it will fit easily to your bed! Complete guide here bydawnnicole

Amazing Woven Wood Headboard:

precious woven wood headboardHere is what amazing you can do with plywood stripes! Woven them for an adorable headboard design! The most amazing DIY headboard project for bedroom lovers! Want to know how to weave better the plywood stripes? Here is the full DIY tutorial and guide lowes

DIY Old Door into Epic Headboard:

reclaimed old door into beautiful headboard
Make use of old doors to enhance the character and decor of your bedroom! By adding custom legs to an old refurbished wooden door, gain precious headboards for your bedroom! If the door is having some built-in squares or rectangles, just cover them nicely with printed fabric for more stunning looks! Full DIY guide and tutorial here vintagerevivals

Upholstered Headboard with Accent Nail Head Trim:

self-made tufted headboard with nail head trimAnother modern headboard achievement for bedroom lovers! Scooped self-tufted bed with accent nail head trim! Have all the modern headboard features! Get ready with a little bit of wood, fabric, foam and batting and also with a little bit of patience to clone it at home! Here is a step-by-step guide for you southernexposure1.squarespace

Cute Rainbow Book Headboard:

reclaimed book headboardReally don’t know what to you with scrap book covers? Time to reuse your long forgotten book for building outstanding headboards! Add multi-colored old book covers to a plywood board cut to size of a headboard and enjoy a delicious self-made version of a headboard! Perfect gift for the book-worms! Here is how to make it instructables

Green Painted Wooden King Headboard:

hand-built wooden king headboardScrap wood is always around you, why not live more with that wood lying useless? Get crafty with leftover wood and install bizarre designs of headboard! Checkout this sturdy king size wooden headboard painted in green, is entirely hand-built one! Want to know more about the construction steps, here is the full tutorial deepthoughtsbycynthia.blogspot

Precious Vintage Sheet Headboard Project:

handcrafted vintage sheet headboardKeep on attaching the MDF wall art squares together through wooden strips! Just stop adding more when you get a shape of your headboard! Paint the entire headboard and cover it up with floral fabric that will be visible through front openings! Now use the foam squares to fill up the back sides, this will also be a way to settle the fabric down in place! Full guide and DIY tutorial Here happinessishomemade

Vintage Reclaimed Shutter Headboard:

reclaimed old shutter headboardRevamp old shutters and paint in a fab color! Now start adding them to background wall of your bed! Soon you will get a fantastic headboard there! Pretty simple yet amazing hack for a headboard! Full guide here samanthaelizabethblog

Quick-to-Build Wooden Floating Headboard:

wooden planks into floating headboardUse appropriate hardware hanging systems to install wooden planks t background bed’s wall! After you install the desired number of wooden slats, you will get a floating rustic headboard! Time to make some stylish rustic statements in your modern bedroom interior! Full guide and DIY tutorial here brianhazzard

Beautiful Tile Style Hanging Headboard:

beautiful DIY hanging headboardLayer together the plywood squares, batting and fabric squares for tufted tiles! Now attach these tiles onto an additional wooden board and get fab headboards for your bed! Easy and budget-friendly way to gain stylishly tufted headboards! It is sure to create a splashy look of your bed! Complete details here curbly

DIY Headboard Project:

DIY headboard tutorial

Precious Herringbone Stenciled Headboard:

beautiful herringbone stenciled headboardChoose custom stencil patterns and just fancy up the background wall of kid’s bedrooms with them! Stencil headboards would all be a great choice to remodel kid’s bedrooms for amazingly fancy and unique looks! Don’t forget to add a wall monogram in the center after finishing stenciling, this will jazz up the pattern more! Want to learn more about this stencil headboard? Here is the complete guide thecardswedrew

Self-Made DIY Modern Tufted Headboard:

DIY modern tufted headboardModern tufted headboards can’t be easy on our wallet! If you just love tufted headboards then why not make your own special ones at home? This will be highly cost-efficient way too! All you need is to put together the wooden template, foam sheet and batting together and final step would be to wrap it in a nice fabric cover! Here is the complete tutorial for this modern tufted headboard classyclutter

Hand-Built Modern Window Headboard:

self-installed window headboardUse different sets of wooden strips to build 5 rectangles of same size! Attach them to an additional wooden frame using extra wooden stripes to their all 4 sides! Now paint it to start using it as a gorgeous headboard in your headboard! Full guide and tutorial here decorandthedog

Rustic Wooden Headboard:

rustic wooden headboard projectGo handmade with individual wooden slats you have got from any source! Put them together for a large rectangle which would actually be your headboard! Stain it for a rustic avatar and don’t forget to install the legs that will raise it to a decided height level! Complete directions here chiconashoestringdecorating

DIY Shutter Headboard Tutorial:

reclaimed shutter into headboardClean up the gunk layers from old shutters and recondition them using paint and other primary operations! After you get them visually attractive, put them directly to backside of your bed as a mind-blowing headboard! Another cool DIY headboard suggestion! Complete details here thediydreamer

Art Style Twin Upholstered Headboard:

keystone style twin tufted headboardWant this curvy headboard next on your bed’s back? It will be all easy to make at home if you are handy at tufting! If not yet, then here is complete guide about tufting and making this headboard carissamiss

Self-Tufted Modern Headboard:

how to make a tufted headboardAnother amazing self-tufted headboard, here it comes with a precious burlap cover for a stunning vintage touch! Choose your favorite plywood, batting and foam and also the final fabric cover to experiment it now! To assist you full guide and DIY Tutorial here houseontheway

Beautifully Tufted DIY Modern Headboard:

self-tufted headboardThis tufted headboard has been done by using 2 old MDF door, braced together! Braces are a little bit longer so serve as legs too! Here tufting has been done using and additional hole board that makes it all easy! Full detail about it here homemadebycarmona

Stylish Blue Tufted Headboard:

self-made blue tufted headboardAgain a modern tufted headboard with blue silk fabric cover! Will style up your entire bedroom up to trends! It would be a whole piece of furniture to give a luxurious touch to your bed! Here is how to make it placeofmytaste

Glam Upholstered Headboard:

diy upholstered headboard project

Camel Back Style DIY Upholstered Headboard:

camel back style upholstered headboardCamel back styled headboards are all popular and considered as most fashion-worthy! So we have picked up this tufted camel back headboard which can be added next to your bedroom for all adorable and luxurious looks of your bedroom! Full tutorial here blog.jennasuedesign

King Tufted Modern Headboard:

beautifully tufted king headboardThis headboard would be a compulsory final addition to your bed if you are all intending to bring modern vibe to your bedroom! Copy it now with the help of this free guide and DIY tutorial littlegreennotebook


Easy-to-Make Tufted Headboard Project:

easy and beautiful tufted headboardFab work!!! A king tufted scooped headboard! Involve your friends and family members to have more fun while doing this project! Step-by-step guide here chicagonow

Extra Brilliant Tufted Wingback Headboard:

wingback tufted headboardWingback headboards are all the rage now, if you are thinking that they are far away from your access then it may not be true! Now you can build your own wingback tufted headboards at home! Here is the complete DIY tutorial that will guide you for all the necessary steps diynetwork

Modern Upholstered Wingback Headboard:

self-installed wingback tufted headboardNothing can step you now from having a luxurious bedroom! Wingback upholstered headboards are all easy to install now at home! All you need for a luxurious touch to your bed! Select your plywood, batting, fabric and foam to clone this wingback tufted headboard! Not handy at tufting? No need to worry about it, here is the complete step-by-step guide allthingsthrifty

Diamond-Tufted Upholstered Headboard DIY:

king diamond tufted headboardIs your bed is losing some fashion points? Not having a modern bedroom may a major reason! If yes, then now it is all easy to approach modern tufted headboard! forget about the expensive purchases, we are all talking about making them at home! Still not believing it? Take a look at the given sample! Want to duplicate it now? Here is the step-by-step guide addicted2decorating


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Superb DIY Headboard Ideas



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  1. THE CONCEPT- VANT makes your design dreams possible with our upholstered headboard panels. Whether you are using just two boxes of panels to create a plush headboard or multiple boxes to create an even bigger impact, we guarantee a Vant Panels transformation.
  2. PACKAGE DETAIL- Each box of VANT panels includes 4 panels for a total height of 46". Each individual panel is 11.5"H and 39"W or 30"W, to fit a Twin, Full, Queen and King sized headboards. All mounting hardware included in package. NOTE: 1 box cannot be split in half to mount 2 panels high by 2 rows wide.You will need to purchase additional bottom brackets to support the panels from the second column. They are sold separately, you can find them by searching ASIN B073JTQGFZ on
  3. SIMPLE INSTALLATION- Each box of VANT panels takes approximately 5 minutes to install with our patented Simple Mount TM system. Our patented anchorless screws are designed with extra wide threads to grip the drywall so the panels are firmly held in place. No studs or anchors will be needed when mounting your panels onto drywall.
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  1. Please MAKE SURE YOU ORDER FROM FLBER at checkout. Some buyers receive blotchy and pixelated products or smaller products from other sellers, please return it asap.
  2. Size:60 inches x 60 inches
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  4. Perfect for a wall hanging, tablecloth, beach forts, Dorm, window curtain or other room idea.
  5. Dry clean or machine wash cold

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  1. IMPORTANT: Description shows all details about the decal
  2. Dream Bird decal is thin, flexible, and has the look of being hand painted without the mess.The decal's nature vinyl makes it a one-time, single application. Once removed it cannot be reapplied.
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  1. CONVERTIBLE CRIB: Converts from a crib to a toddler bed, daybed and full size bed with headboard & footboard (Daybed Rail and Toddler Guardrail included; Full Size Bed Rails #0020 sold separately)
  2. GROWS WITH BABY: The 3 position mattress height adjustment on this crib allows you to lower the mattress as your baby begins to sit or stand
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  6. Imported from Asia

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  1. Material: Made of Very Soft Polyester Fiber, High-definition digital printing. The artistic design is wonderful, colors are extremely.
  2. Two Size Available: Small-59.1"x51.2", Large-78.8"x59.1"
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  1. Sturdy metal frame Construction
  2. Metal side rails for guaranteed stability and durability
  3. Center metal rail and legs for added support
  4. Includes metal slats to provide support and comfort
  5. 2 base Height options for convenience: 6" or 11" Clearance

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  1. Easy installation just peel and stick on the wall
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Prepac -K King Sonoma Platform Storage Bed with 6 ...

Prepac K King Sonoma Platform Storage Bed with 6 Drawers Black


  1. Contemporary platform bed frame for a king mattress; with 6 20-inch deep drawers built into platform for extra storage
  2. Ready-to-assemble bed constructed with quality laminated composite woods, plywood slats, and metal supports; black finish
  3. Metal slides with safety stops for smooth drawer opening and closing; discrete finger pull handles
  4. Necessary hardware included; matches Sonoma bedroom furniture collection;Constructed from CARB-compliant
  5. Measures 81-3/4 inches long by 78-1/2 inches wide by 18-3/4 inches high assembled; limited 5-year warranty

Headboard Wall Decal Wooden Slate Wall Sticker Vin...

Headboard Wall Decal Wooden Slate Wall Sticker Vinyl Headboard Wall Decor Headboard Wall Graphic Room Art Decoration Black


  1. IMPORTANT: Description shows all details about the decal
  2. Dream Bird decal is thin, flexible, and has the look of being hand painted without the mess.The decal's nature vinyl makes it a one-time, single application. Once removed it cannot be reapplied.
  3. Dream Bird decals can be applied on smooth and clean surface (walls, glass, doors etc). Do not use on textured walls (orange, sandy and grainy), fresh paint (less than 14 days) and low VOC (Volatile organic compound) paint.
  4. Dream Bird each decal is made of high quality, self-adhesive and waterproof vinyl. Our vinyl is rated to last 5 years outdoors and virtually forever indoors, will not peel away or bubble.
  5. Dream Bird Every decal comes with Complete, Easy to follow instructions that will walk you through each step, with no trouble to apply. Much faster, cleaner and easier than painting!

Delta Children Emery 4-in-1 Convertible Baby Crib,...

Delta Children Emery 4in1 Convertible Baby Crib Grey


  1. CONVERTIBLE CRIB: Converts from a crib to a toddler bed, daybed and full size bed with headboard (Daybed Rail included; Toddler Guardrail #0080 and Full Size Metal Bed Frame #0040 sold separately)
  2. GROWS WITH BABY: The 3 position mattress height adjustment on this crib allows you to lower the mattress as your baby begins to sit or stand
  3. BUILT TO LAST: Strong and sturdy wood construction helps create a dream nursery where you'll spend plenty of Mommy and Me/Daddy and Me time; Easy assembly
  4. WE PUT YOUR BABY'S SAFETY FIRST: This crib is JPMA certified to meet or exceed all safety standards set by the CPSC & ASTM; Tested for lead and other toxic elements to meet or exceed government and ASTM safety standards
  5. SIZE: 55.75 Inches W x 30.25 Inches D x 43.75 Inches H; Fits standard size crib mattress (sold separately); Cuna para bebé que se convierte en una cama para niño/niña, sofá cama y cama de tamaño completo

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