Save the Date with wooden magnet

Save the Date with wooden magnet – personalized with your details ! 4lovepolkadots #sponsored


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Save the Date with wooden magnet



4" x 6" Self-Adhesive Magnets - Pack of ...

4quot x 6quot SelfAdhesive Magnets  Pack of 100


  1. Neil Enterprises Self-Adhesive Magnets
  2. Turn 4x6 photos into magnet
  3. Sold in pack of 100
  4. Just peel back the protective paper and place your photo, it's that easy!
  5. Perfect for photos, kids drawings, DIY Save the Dates and more!

Magnefic Magnetic Squares, 1 Tape Sheet of 70 Magn...

Magnefic Magnetic Squares 1 Tape Sheet of 70 Magnetic Squares each 20x20x2mm Magnet on one Side Self Adhesive on the other Side Perfect for Fridge Organisation Art Project Vision Board


  1. GOOD QUALITY MAGNETS: Objects weighing up to 50 grams can be held easily by a couple of squares. A postcard weighs about 6 to 7 grams. One magnet by itself can easily hold a business card weighing up to 10 grams. Magnefic!
  2. GOOD QUALITY ADHESIVE: Adhesive lasts a long time. Be careful though to apply enough pressure when sticking it to an object.
  3. PLENTY OF SQUARES: 70 squares allow for a lot of creativity. Under normal use of hanging various postcards and papers on the fridge, 70 squares can last you quite some time!
  4. EASY TO USE: Peel of a square and stick it to your object of interest. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!
  5. ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES: Magnets can be used for sticking practical information or good memories on the fridge, magnets are behind paper instead of on top: a clean and clutterless look. Squares can be used for DIY art projects, they can be used for vision boards, to make your own fridge magnets, to hold up little iron objects etc..

50 Acrylic Magnetic Photo Booth Frames for 2"...

50 Acrylic Magnetic Photo Booth Frames for 2quot X 6quot Photo Strips


  1. Clear as Glass for amazing viewing
  2. Strong magnet for display on refrigerator or any other magnetic surface.
  3. Inserts shown in main photo are included and conveniently placed in each frame.
  4. Each frame is individually bagged and has a paper insert so there is not a single scratch on them.

32 Hallmark Black Pattern DIY Save the Date Magnet...

32 Hallmark Black Pattern DIY Save the Date Magnet Announcements


  1. Includes everything you will need to let friends and family know you're getting married to make 32 Annoucements for your wedding cermony, anniversary or other special occassion
  2. Included are 32 Card panels, 32 refrigerator adhesive magnets, 32 envelopes as well as practice sheet, instructions and completed sample
  3. Set your computer margins as indicated on practice sheet and print information on the card
  4. You have the option of attaching magnets to cards after printing (sending with magnets may require additional postage over and about a standard 1 oz postage stamp)
  5. Classic, traditional and timeless black and white floral and foliage interlocking circle design.

All Things Weddings, Personalized Save The Date Ma...

All Things Weddings Personalized Save The Date Magnets for Weddings or Engagement Rustic Wedding Mason Jar Design Pack of 80


  1. Add your Name, Date and Location to your save the date card by clicking the bright yellow CUSTOMIZE NOW button to the right of this listing;
  2. Your country-chic, summer, rustic or casual wedding is announced in style with the artistic Mason jar design.
  3. Price is for magnets that are printed in the font color and style as shown.
  4. DIMENSIONS: 3 1/2 inches x 5 inches. Each magnet comes with a blank ecru-color envelope.
  5. Easily displayed in your guests' homes and will be a cherished reminder of your upcoming wedding day

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