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Outdoor Feeders

Outdoor Feeders -   Chicken Feeders Ideas


RentACoop Chicken Feeder - 20 Pounds - BPA Free - ...

RentACoop Chicken Feeder  20 Pounds  BPA Free  Food Grade Plastic  Pellets Crumbles and Grain  One Feed Port 23 Hens


  1. 🐓 For chickens 12 weeks and older. (Younger/smaller chickens can crawl in the port)
  2. 🐓 Place feeder anywhere in your yard/run and the feed stays dry. No need to put it under cover
  3. 🐓 No more squirrels, wild birds, mice or rats getting into your coop looking for feed on the ground as 99% of feed stays in the feeder - Even with your most wasteful hen!
  4. 🐓 100% Food Grade and BPA Free Plastic - Comes fully assembled - Simply fill with feed and it's ready for your hens. Holds 20 pounds of feed! Refill once every 30 days for 2 hens, 14 days for 4 hens and once every week for 8 hens
  5. 🐓 Handy? Try out new "Make your own feeder kit" sold here on Amazon -

Muddy Hill Farm Poultry Bucket Feeder for Chickens...

Muddy Hill Farm Poultry Bucket Feeder for Chickens Ducks


  1. 90 degree elbows down into the feeder limit most from billing out feed
  2. Screws NOT Rivets so you can take your feeder apart to clean it!
  3. Adjust height by placing on bricks/blocks - so it is at about the height of their back
  4. Rubber gasket NOT silicone to insure a water tight seal

Royal Rooster Chicken Poultry Feeder with Rain Cov...

Royal Rooster Chicken Poultry Feeder with Rain Cover – 65 Pound Capacity


  1. Save time and money feeding your chickens. Innovative design for reduced wastage - pays for itself
  2. Feed only your chickens not the wild birds or rodents. Rain cover for weather protection
  3. Hooks straight onto mesh or you can attach to a solid wall with free aluminum brackets included
  4. 1 feeder suits 4-6 chickens. Suitable for most feed types – pellets, general feed mixes
  5. Holds approx 6.5lbs of feed and is 20 inches tall

Voilamart Automatic Chicken Chook Poultry Feeder, ...

Voilamart Automatic Chicken Chook Poultry Feeder 11 Pounds of Feed Aluminum Auto Treadle Self Opening Container Size 21quotL x 7quotW x 335quotH


  1. Large capacity can hold up to 11lb/4.7kg of feed
  2. 500 grams weight can automatically open the lid
  3. Made from rust-proof aluminum, solid construction and long lasting
  4. Saves on feed costs - Prevents wild birds, rats and mice stealing and soiling chicken feed
  5. Water proof, saves valuable feed from rain

Kaytee Chicken/Chick Starter Kit...

Kaytee Chicken/Chick Starter Kit


  1. Contains 0.3 gallon feeder and 0.25 gallon waterer
  2. Includes treat dispensing toy for chickens, food scoop and $2.00 off coupon for Kaytee Poultry Feed
  3. For chicks and hens