Plant a Hanging Basket for Summer

ooking for some fun and creative ways to display a lot of color in a little space? Hanging gardens give you the chance to put color right where you want it, plus spotlight certain plants. Hanging basket expert Erick Lux shares ideas with master gardener Paul James:

Choosing Your Materials

With the wide variety of baskets available, including wire, woven and wood, the possibilities are endless. The most important consideration in choosing a basket is the expanding root systems of the plants you’ve selected.
For larger plants with deeper roots, a bigger basket with more depth would be more suitable. The more surface area for soil you have, the less frequently you will have to water and the more moisture the soil will hold.
If you’re wondering how a wire basket can hold soil and plants, you’ll want to know about liners; there are many types of liners that you can buy that enclose the contents nicely.
A moss basket provides the perfect conditions for plants like the tropical vireya rhododendron, which is native to Australia. Orchids also make great moss basket subjects. Other plants like the staghorn fern and even anthuriums also work well in moss-lined baskets.

Planting Your Basket

Once you’ve chosen a basket, lining material, location and plants that thrive in the chosen location, you’re ready for the fun part – planting your dandy dangler. Among the latest trends isn’t so much bloom color but colorful foliage.
Although you buy moss dry, it needs to be thoroughly soaked in water to create a basket liner. Tightly pack small sections of moss between the top two wires along the top of the basket. Lay larger sheets of moss along the sides of the basket and pack them into the wire. The moss sheeting doesn’t have to be too thick, just thick enough to provide a solid netting to hold in the soil and plants.
Before planting the basket, fill the container halfway with any premium potting soil. Erick says to use a mixture of fir bark, peat, vermiculite and perlite.
Once the fertilizer is mixed in, it’s planting time. After you can create three layers: low, medium and high. For the low layer, he suggests using Lysimachia foliage to cascade over the basket edge. To conserve space, he says to carefully pack the plants into the outer rim. Next, add lobelia, an annual with vivid purple blooms.
The next layer adds height, so use Barleria for the center. He says to leave just enough space around it for the medium layer, which features plants that grow taller than the low-growing plants, but lower than the tallest plants. Add coleus and Heuchera on either side of the Barleria, and sprinkle soil into any empty areas left in the basket. Finally, give the basket a comprehensive watering. Best watering thoroughly, while still allowing the basket to dry out a little between watering.

Hanging Your Basket

Before hanging, make sure the basket chain is hanging from a sturdy hook that’s rated for the weight of the pot and is anchored in solid wood. Erick warns that a wet basket weighs a lot more than a dry basket, so make sure the structure the basket hangs from is strong enough to support a full, wet basket. To help keep the basket nutrient-rich, add an organic fertilizer every four months or so.
If you want to know when to water your moss-lined basket, give it a gentle tap on the bottom. If the moss feels moist, it doesn’t require additional watering, but if it’s dry and crispy, it needs a good soaking.



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Rocky Mountain Goods Green Hanging Basket with Nat...

Rocky Mountain Goods Green Hanging Basket with Natural Coconut Liner  Thick coco liner hanging planter for less watering  Extra strength chain and hook included 3 12quot


  1. Double thick hanging planter coco liner for less watering required
  2. Green Extra strength steel chain and hook
  3. Weather resistant metal finish to keeping hanging basket looking brand new
  4. Lifetime warranty
  5. Chains and hook come installed

Nearly Natural English Ivy Hanging Basket Artifici...

Nearly Natural English Ivy Hanging Basket Artificial Plant Green


  1. Gorgeous decoration by a window or patio
  2. Large, rich Green English Ivy leaves
  3. Comes in a White hanger basket
  4. Made with care
  5. Item may need to be re-shaped when removed from box; wipe clean with a soft dry cloth

Fox Run 52103 Three Tier Hanging Wire Baskets, One...

Fox Run 52103 Three Tier Hanging Wire Baskets One Size Green


  1. Small diameter: 7", Medium diameter: 9", Large diameter: 11", Total height: 32"
  2. Constructed of sturdy iron wire with green plastic coating
  3. Attractive storage for fruits and vegetables, can be easily wiped clean
  4. Features 3 baskets for easy sorting and organization, no assembly required
  5. Hang for quick and easy storage in kids' rooms, closets, laundry room, garage or bathroom

G-LEAF Metal Hanging Planter Basket with Coco Coir...

GLEAF Metal Hanging Planter Basket with Coco Coir Liner10 Inch Green Metal Round Wire Plant Holder with Chain Porch Flower Pots for Indoor Outdoor DecorationSet of 4


  1. Dimensions: 5*10 Inch (H x W).
  2. Crafted using high quality metal
  3. Coated metal to prevent rust
  4. Coconut fiber provides a natural environment for plants, Coconut liners provide good drainage
  5. Coconut liner included, Sturdy metal chain with hook included for hanging. Flower Not Included

7Penn Outdoor Hanging Baskets, Hanging Basket for ...

7Penn Outdoor Hanging Baskets Hanging Basket for Hanging Plants Hanging Flowers Hanging Plant Holder 2pk in Green


  1. TURN YOUR HOME INTO A UTOPIA: The 7Penn | Hanging Plant Pot 2-Pack in Green opens a whole new world of plant possibilities and brings the beauty of flowers or herbs to an outside deck, fence, or balcony; Great for small space gardening; Plant and grow hanging strawberries, vegetables, herbs, peppers, trailing tomatoes, flowers, and more; Keeps your garden away from ground pests and prevents wind from tipping over the pot
  2. SIDE PLANTING: Plants thrive in its smart design that allows 360-degree planting space and fuller balanced basket display for up to 12 hanging plants; (12) 3" x 2.5" inch (7.6cm x 6.4cm) removable panels allow for planting from the outside and creates airflow to improve growth; Access to moisture between watering and ability to reach nutrients to the plant roots; Makes changing your plantings easier than ever; Holds up to 16 plants (12 on the sides and 4 on top)
  3. EASY TO USE: Use a soil of your choice, remove side panels to place plants facing the outside, pop the panels back in with the plant leaves through the bottom side panel hole (0.9-inch) to secure the plants, hang entire basket from any deck, fence, or balcony with the (4) 18-inch (45.7cm) chains and top S-hook
  4. BUILT TO LAST: No need to replace every year like straw baskets; These heavy-duty plastic baskets allow for planting on the top and the sides while remaining stable without bending with weight; To be used season after season, year after year; Holds approximately 3 gallons of compost to allow plenty of root growth; For commercial growers and home gardeners
  5. CONTENTS: Package includes (2) hanging baskets; Each with a 13.5-inch inside diameter and 25-inch (63.5cm) overall height; 8 quarts per planter approximate volume; 7-inch depth; Green in color

Panacea 88500 Growers Series Hanging Basket, Green...

Panacea 88500 Growers Series Hanging Basket Green 12Inch


  1. Panacea Growers Hanging Basket With Liner Green 12in Hanging basket with coco liner which keeps the soil tidy
  2. Powder coated for added durability
  3. This product is made in China
  4. Growers series hanging basket
  5. Use multiple baskets and plants hung at different levels to create your own unique decorative effect
  6. The durable, weather resistant finish of this planter will maintain its attractive dark green color and quality season after season
  7. Available in black color
  8. Measures 12-inch diameter by 19-inch length by 6-inch height

Natural Seagrass Hanging Planter - Handmade Indoor...

Natural Seagrass Hanging Planter  Handmade Indoor Flower Pot Holder  for Succulents Air Plants and Small Cacti


  1. NATURAL SEAGRASS HANGING PLANTER DESIGN: This is an original round hanging basket with a simple, elegant design that can be used to add a rustic, decorative touch and some natural greenery to your indoor space
  2. HANDWOVEN BY ARTISANS IN VIETNAM: Using natural Seagrass with strong plaited hanging chords
  3. BEAUTIFUL INDOOR HANGING BASKET: The perfect way to add color and liven up your living space with indoor plants such as small succulents, air plants, mini cactus, faux succulents, faux sedums and other artificial plants, flowers, herbs and trailing plants
  4. UNIQUE NATURAL DECOR THAT GOES ANYWHERE: This lightweight planter is great for kitchens, bathrooms, window spaces, doorways or archways. For larger spaces, combine multiple pieces to compliment picture frames and other wall décor
  5. LIGHTWEIGHT & EASY TO HANG: This planter has a plastic liner to stop drips and measures 8" diameter x 4" deep x 20" tall

Nearly Natural English Ivy Hanging Basket Silk Pla...

Nearly Natural English Ivy Hanging Basket Silk Plant


  1. 17" tall but grows to 26" with rope
  2. 324 emerald green leaves
  3. Decorative hanging basket
  4. Perfect all year round decoration
  5. Vase Dimensions: H: 6.25 In. W: 10.5 In. D: 10.5. In
  6. 17-Inches tall but grows to 26-Inches with rope
  7. Vase Dimensions: 6.25 X 10.5 X 10.5-Inches

TABOR TOOLS Self-Watering Hanging Planter for Indo...

TABOR TOOLS SelfWatering Hanging Planter for IndoorOutdoor Elegant WickerDesign 10quotø Round Plastic Weave Basket for Flowers and Plants incl Chain and Water Level Indicator Gauge TB704A Green


  1. TRENDY RATTAN LOOK: This hanging basket makes a great stylish addition to any part of your home or patio. The attractive decorative woven wicker has a rattan texture look. With a classic sense of style, the hanging planter features a contemporary look for a fun playful element in your home or garden. This plastic basket is a super low maintenance planter, and also, it's a mold-free, leak-free and easy to clean.
  2. SELF-WATERING RESERVOIR. These planters minimize water evaporation so you'll need to water them only once or twice a week, saving you time and money! It also keeps plants healthy by suppling constant moisture and preventing nutrients loss common to traditional planters. These self-watering planter features a water reservoir and a water-level indicator that lets you know when it is time to refill the reservoir, preventing over- or under watering.
  3. COLOR VARIETY: These hanging planters comes in 5 colors: Green, Red, Grey, Black and White. You can use a variety of colored baskets and plants, and hang them at different levels to create your own unique decorative effect. The TABOR TOOLS weaved self-watering basket can also double as a table planter on a flat surface for your lavish dinner parties.
  4. EASY PLANTING: The inner basket (depth 4 1/2", diameter 9") is easy to lift which makes planting a breeze, helping you create the perfect flower arrangement quickly every time. The outer bowl (height 7", diameter 10") with drainage plug allows you to switch between indoor or outdoor use for more design options. The planter includes a decorative rust-resistant triple-chain hanger for easy hanging, offering up to 15kg loading capacity.
  5. ORDER WITH CONFIDENCE. Customer satisfaction and service quality are the basic criteria for TABOR TOOLS. Good service is a result of flexibility, reliability and trustworthiness. We will fix any problem quickly and answer to your need every time. We are always available to help our customers; our service record is unmatched!

MTB Garden Green Hanging Baskets 14" - Vintag...

MTB Garden Green Hanging Baskets 14quot  Vintage Geo with CocoLiner Pack of 4 Hanging Planter Plant Hanger Hanging Flower Basket Chain Basket and Plant Growers for Home Balcony Patio Decoration


  1. Pack of 4, this item does not contain plants.
  2. A container for flowers or plants that you hang from a hook, outside your house, on patio as a decoration. A coco-liner helps reserving water and soil and protecting flower or plants inside. A classical black color coating suits for most decoration needs.
  3. Strong steel rod construction. Durable black powder coating for long life. Well-formed coco liner laid in basket. Black powder coating chains and S hook attached.
  4. The durable, weather resistant finish of this planter will maintain its attractive color and quality season after season
  5. Widely used with Flower Pots Holder ,Hanging Baskets Stand ,Plant Stand ,Patio Stand Hanging Plants Bracket,Shepherds hook for outdoor, Chain hanger, Plant grow bag, Plant Hanger,Wire Plant Holder, Plant Growers Holder, Flower Pots Hanger,tomato cage,Flower Pots Holder ,Hanging Baskets Stand ,Plant Stand ,Patio StandHanging Plants Bracket ,Flower seeds ,seeds of change ,Plant seeds, Seeds for planting,Shepherds hook for outdoor, Chain hanger, Plant grow bag,Plant Growers,Tomato cage.

National Tree Pothos Plant Hanging Basket, 9 Inch,...

National Tree Pothos Plant Hanging Basket 9 Inch Green


  1. 5.3X 5.3 X 9Plant height
  2. Lifelike pathos plant with two toned leaves; perfect for hanging both indoors and outdoors
  3. Potted in a hanging steel cage with linked chain and hook
  4. Resistant to animals and insects; no soil, water or sunlight needed
  5. For indoor or covered outdoor display

Juvale Set of 3 Hanging Pot Holders - Decorative S...

Juvale Set of 3 Hanging Pot Holders  Decorative Seagrass Hanging Baskets Wall Hanging Baskets for Outdoor Indoor Plant Display Brown  Hanging Size 245 Inches


  1. SET OF 3 HANGING PLANT POTS: These 3 assorted sized, hanging plant pots are made of seagrass material and allow you to hang up your numerous plants for indoor or outdoor decoration on a hook, rack or shelf
  2. DISPLAY YOUR PLANTS OUTDOORS OR INDOORS: Hang these plant pot holders from hooks indoors or outdoors, place them on a shelf in your living room to display for guests or show off for visiting neighbors!
  3. DURABLE SEAGRASS MATERIAL: Seagrass is a strong and durable material, which when woven ensures a longer-lasting container for your plants and plant pots
  4. GREEN THUMBED GIFT: Looking for an environmentally-friendly present for a friend or loved one's housewarming? Look no further than these handy, organic seagrass plant pot holders
  5. DIMENSIONS: Hanging Size, from top to bottom to bottom, measures 24.5 Inches; Large-sized basket: 7.5 x 3 x 4.5 Inches; Medium-sized basket: 6 x 2.7 x 3.7 Inches; Small-sized basket: 5 x 2.2 x 3 Inches

Mynse Silk Flower Rose Red Artificial Morning Glor...

Mynse Silk Flower Rose Red Artificial Morning Glory Hanging Plant Ivy Green Leaves with Hanging Basket Wedding Garden Balcony Decoration Big Basket


  1. Beautiful morning glory vine, the elegant and bright flower buds are beautiful and beautiful, so that the original bare areas can also become beautiful. It is DIY project. This basket and flower vine can get the flower basket you want through the combination.
  2. Products of artificial morning glory basket: silk cloth, plastic leaves and plastic. NOTE:In the course of transportation, if the flower basket is crushed, we promise to give you the money of the basket.
  3. Hanging basket silk morning glory vine size: The overall size of the hanging basket and artificial silk morning glory vine about 27.5"(70 cm), 1 bundles artificial morning glory length is about 25.7 "(65.5 cm). Color: Rose red.
  4. Package:1 set of hanging basket artificial flower (including a basket and 5 pieces fake morning glory flower bouquet) each order!
  5. Use as centerpieces for the home or place these lovely artificial flowers vine in basket for a decor. Perfect for giving to customers in the hotel. Pollen-free means allergy-free.

Green Hanging Metal Planter Rustic Vintage Wall Mo...

Green Hanging Metal Planter Rustic Vintage Wall Mounted Echelon Shape Iron Flower Pot Indoor Outdoor Freestanding Decorative Display Basket Holder Gift


  1. 1. Rustic style wall mount bag shape planter, can be used for plant, herbs , succulents and other artificial fake plants, fresh flowers and dried flowers.
  2. 2. Vintage and antique finish,it's also easy to hang with the haning rings on the top. Suitable for home decoration, living room, bedroom, kitchen, office, Hotel, coffee shop, on the wall, doors, garden, balcony, orchard and beautiful wedding decoration.
  3. 3. Can be also used as storage organizer
  4. 4. Half handmade. Suitable for Cool and Vintage Ins style.
  5. 5. Planter only, plants are not included

Mkono Hanging Flower Plant Pot Chain Basket Plante...

Mkono Hanging Flower Plant Pot Chain Basket Planter Holder 1pcsGrassy


  1. Material: Plastic. Self-Watering Hanging Planter with chains.
  2. Simple and versatile. High quality and great value.
  3. Perfect design. The bottom of the pots leaks Design, permeable and breathable good.
  4. Drainage plug to allows for draining the excess rainwater when installed outdoors.
  5. Basket Dimensions: 8" in diameter, 4.5" in height. Chain length: 15". Mkono is a registered trademark and our product is professional manufacturing and sole selling.

ALMI Hanna Hanging Planter 11 Inch Round Plastic D...

ALMI Hanna Hanging Planter 11 Inch Round Plastic Decor Garden Resin Flower Pot Chain Basket for Plant Planters for Plants For Indoor And Outdoor  Dark Green


  1. METICULOUS MODERN DESIGN: Our multicolored baskets give the possibility to add life and color to any corner of the house or the garden. You will love how the sturdy polypropylene construction which looks likes classic clay texture. It easily enriches the appearance of each space which they are hanging in.
  2. CONVENIENT PLANTING AND HANGING: The large capacity ensures you have enough space to create the perfect flower arrangement every time. Our baskets are very easy to lift which makes planting a breeze. The planter includes a decorative, rust-resistant triple-chain hanger for easy hanging, offering up to 30 Pounds loading capacity. The sealed drainage plug and inner bowl allow for switching between indoor or outdoor use.
  3. VERY DURABLE: No risk of breakage due to heavyweights. No chipping, no cracking, or no discoloration. They can withstand direct sunlight, rainfall and can be kept outside all over the year. These planters are made of strong plastic materials and will last for years.
  4. GREAT VALUE FOR AN AFFORDABLE PRICE: This awesome plastic planter offers elegance for an affordable price.
  5. VARIETY OF COLORS: Use multiple different colors Planters and plants hung at different levels to create your own unique decorative style. Product Dimensions: 11" x 11" x 6.3".

HOGADO 2pcs Artificial Ivy Fake Hanging Vine Plant...

HOGADO 2pcs Artificial Ivy Fake Hanging Vine Plants Decor Plastic Greenery for Home Wall Indoor Outdside Hanging Basket


  1. Detailed with lifelike leaves will makes your balcony cozy, Hang it on kitchen cabinet, wall, mirror, fences, enclosures, stairs, hallway, doors and anywhere you want a touch of naturalness
  2. Artificial ivy leaves are made with high quality plastic material, Uv-resistent and waterproof for outdoor use, perfect decor for backyard
  3. Featuring lush green coloring and generous leaves, nice draping plants for gazebo, adding greenery to wedding centerpieces.
  4. Unlike fresh plants, these fake ivy plants maintenance free and durable, never wither and fall, vivid realistic decor for your home
  5. The total length of hanging ivy is approx 0.8 meter ( 32 inch ), Each leaf size: 1.18 x 1.57 inch. Comes in 2 pcs ivy plants in package. Hanging Basket is not included

Super Moss (55040) Marin, Fresh Green, Set of 3 (S...

Super Moss 55040 Marin Fresh Green Set of 3 S/M/L


  1. Long-lasting Preserved Moss!
  2. Looks beautiful with flowering plants!
  3. Ideal for floral arrangements
  4. Comes with liner for planting live plants
  5. Great for Special Events, Weddings, Mother's Day Gifts and parties

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