Life-saving warnings your nails are sending

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Dark Bands Running Vertically Through Your Nail

These hyperpigmented bands are Melanonychia Striata and can be a sign of pregnancy or Addison Disease.

Dark Grooves or Ridges

These dark grooves are Onychotillomania and are caused by you repeatedly pushing back the cuticle on your finger.

Pure Biotin 10,000 MCG - Maximum Strength Vitamin ...


  1. ★ Best Biotin Formula : 10,000 mcg Biotin Enhanced with Niacin and patented Bioperine.
  2. ★ Bioperine enhances Biotin absorption to maximize its benefits for hair, Skin and Nail*.
  3. ★ Niacin helps nutrient circulations to avoid any nutrient-deficiency related hair loss.
  4. Pure Biotin : 100 NATURALS Biotin has a net amount of 10,000 mcg PURE biotin in each capsule. There are other 10,000 mcg Biotin products on the market that have only 1% biotin,i.e, 10 mcg biotin per capsule/tablet.
  5. Easy to Take: Unlike biotin tablets that are associated with difficult swallowing, bad smell, and poor absorption, this vegetable capsules based biotin is odorless, easy to take and absorb. Taking one capsule a day is all you need to get the adequate biotin, the most important vitamin for healthy hair, skin and nail.

Emerald Labs Collagen Health - with Sea Buckthorn,...


  1. Skin Hydration: Contains sea buckthorn, which is rich in omega-7 oils to support hydrated skin
  2. Supple Skin: Collagen Types I and III are associated with youthful, supple, elastic skin
  3. Healthy Hair: Saw palmetto extract and beta sitosterol may help to block DHT
  4. Made without GMO's, gluten, corn, milk, soy, salt, sugar, wheat, yeast or preservatives
  5. Made with Care: Emerald Labs is committed to manufacturing products without the use of additives

Biotin with 5000 MCG - Extra Strength Vitamin B-Co...


  1. 5000MCG BIOTIN FORMULA - Zenwise Health's Extra Strength Biotin features 5000mcg of Biotin, a B-Complex vitamin that promotes healthy skin, hair growth, and nails, while also supporting metabolism and energy levels. Label design may vary.
  2. NATURAL HAIR GROWTH SUPPORT - These Biotin vitamins encourage thicker, fuller, and shinier looking hair growth for men and women that may struggle with hair loss caused by weak and brittle hair. For more volume and strength, look no further.
  3. SUPPORTS SKIN & NAIL HEALTH - This specialized hair care supplement promotes healthy tone and texture of the skin and scalp. Biotin is rich with nutrients that can also help strengthen brittle nail beds for a healthier looking appearance.
  4. ENERGY BOOSTER BENEFITS - Zenwise Health's 5mg Biotin pills also work as a coenzyme to support metabolism, which helps the body process fats, proteins, and carbs to bolster energy production and keep you feeling your best.
  5. A SUPPLEMENT YOU CAN TRUST - Zenwise Health proudly formulates its 120 count of advanced gluten free Biotin in an enhanced FDA-registered facility that is NSF and GMP certified, and all products are manufactured in the USA.

Baby Nail Clippers 4-in-1 Set by ARRNEW| New Born ...


  1. 👶 4 In 1 Baby Clippers Kit: Everything for baby needs nails is here. This baby manicure kit includes baby fingernail clippers, baby scissors nail, nail file for infant and kids, and nasal baby tweezers for babies and toddlers. You can store this baby nail clippers kit at home with the stand, or carry it with the cute bear shaped clipper case.
  2. 👶 Kids Nail Clippers: This baby nail care set is safe for all ages from newborn infant, baby boy, baby girl, toddlers, young kids to adults. It is a great baby nail product and necessary baby accessories which babies and moms must have. This nail kit for babies (corta uñas para bebes) works without causing any discomfort.
  3. 👶Full Control Baby Nail Cutter: Trimming baby's nails should not strike fear into parents' hearts. Our infant nail clippers kit got all the tools in the right size perfectly made for precise, "everything-under-control" grooming. The tips of baby nail clipper are rounded, edges are curved. Fine blade for painless toenail and fingernail clippers . Ergonomic handles to avoid slipping.
  4. 👶 Perfect Mom To Be Gift: Our newborn grooming kit is a suitable baby shower registry for expecting moms or first-time parents. It comes with a well designed package which definitely will make a great baby gift. When it's time for baby nail care, she'll be surely remembered who sent the gift. If you are looking for baby shower gift, this beautiful and useful ARRNEW baby nail kit is your best option!
  5. 👶WORRY-FREE BABY PRODUCTS: Metal parts of are made of stainless steel, making the nail clippers for baby and baby scissors non-blunt and rust-free. Handles are crafted from ABS, a plastic material known for good strength and toughness. If you are not satisfied with ARRNEW baby products, contact us for a free change or refund.

Maxi Health Skin H&N, Skin + Hair + Nail Formu...


  1. ACCORDING to the MAYO CLINIC, Lactobacillus acidophilus may be effective as a treatment of some vaginal infections.
  2. PROMOTES collagen production, and increases nail thickness by using all Natural ingredients, without the need for drugs or synthetic substances.
  3. PURE & POTENT : Combination of high quality ingredients, selected for effectiveness, formulated to provide essential nutrients for strong nails, healthy hair, and skin.
  4. VEGETARIAN, Gluten Free, No Artificial Flavors, Colorings or Preservatives. Kosher Certified.
  5. During the summer months products may arrive warm but Amazon stores and ships products in accordance with manufacturers' recommendations, when provided.

Little Martin’s Baby Nail Care Kit (4 pcs) - 2x ...


  1. GROOM WITH PRECISION – Parents are in full control with anti-slip, ergonomic handles that are easy and comfortable to grip, while sharp blades cut nails smoothly with minimal effort
  2. SAFE FOR KIDS – Designed with children’s safety as a priority, nail scissors feature a rounded tip and curved edges for safer cutting, while all tools are made from baby-safe, high-grade stainless steel & BPA-free plastic
  3. COMPLETE 4 PIECE SET – Nail care kit includes baby nail scissors perfect for use on newborns and infants, a nail clipper for babies 9 months up, and soft-tipped nasal tweezers
  4. TRAVEL FRIENDLY – Kit includes space-saving storage case for a convenient way to carry when travelling, or for ease of use at home
  5. PERFECT BABY SHOWER GIFT – Cute, soft design makes this manicure set the perfect baby girl and boy shower gift

Garden of Life Vegan Collagen Builder - Mykind Org...


  1. SILICA SUPPLEMENT: mykind Vegan Collagen hair supplement helps build the body's own natural production of collagen with collagen co-nutrients such as Silica from Organic Bamboo for beautiful hair, skin and nails—without any sugar or filler ingredients
  2. YOUTHFUL GLOW: Our body's ability to make collagen diminishes as we age; Make aging easier to bear, help restore and maintain youthful levels of collagen, keratin and elastin with a collagen supplement with only plant based ingredients—no animal collagen.No Magnesium Stearate
  3. ORGANIC HAIR SKIN & NAILS VITAMINS WITH POLYPHENOLS: Our plant sourced collagen builder includes high polyphenolic Pomegranate to support skin health and protect against UV damage with 30+ fruits, vegetables and herbs—vegan hair vitamins for women or men
  4. BEAUTY BOOSTING BIOTIN: 2,500 mcg of whole food Biotin from Organic Sesbania and antioxidants from Organic Pomegranate, Turmeric, Amla, Green and Rooibos Tea to support healthy skin, teeth and bones; Clean tablets are easy to swallow & dissolve easily
  5. REAL TO THE ROOT: Our vegan-friendly collagen pills by mykind Organics are real to the root—tested at every step—so you don’t have to settle for less than Third-party Certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Vegan, NSF Gluten Free and Kosher

Bee Naturals Nail and Cuticle Oil - Nail Oil for R...


  1. Revitalized, Protected, Stronger Nails ... Splitting, dryness, hangnails - these are frustrating to deal with. With our nail cuticle oil, you can give your nails the treatment they deserve. Be on your way to revitalized nails and soft cuticles
  2. Travel Size Convenience ... Your nails shouldn't be neglected on the road. Coming in a small bottle, our cuticle oil for nails is the perfect addition to your purse or makeup bag. Stay prepared and ready to face the day with top-quality nail care.
  3. Experience Healthy, Nourished Nails ... Optimal cuticle care is about more than the nail strengthening aspects. It should be a pleasing experience that appeals to the user. Infused with lavender, lemon, and tea tree, a light scent is the capstone of nail oil
  4. Safe, Trustworthy Ingredients ... The inclusion of harmful ingredients runs the risk of further damage to your nails. We believe in the sanctity of nail care, which is why we only use naturally derived and cleanly formulated ingredients for our petroleum free cuticle oil.
  5. Goes a Long Way ... Buying multiple bottles of nail oil is expensive and wasteful. We created our nail oil with a concentrated formula, offering more bang for your buck. With just a little sample, your nails can reap the benefits for the long-term.

Better Nail - Maximum Strength 25% Solution for An...


  1. TIRED OF THAT EMBARRASSING NAIL FUNGUS? Nail fungus is extremely common, and it’s a stubborn problem that’s difficult to get rid of. That’s why it’s so important to be proactive about your nail health sooner rather than later.
  2. POWERFUL ANTI-FUNGAL SOLUTION! Better Nail is a 25% Undecylenic Acid solution which is the strongest solution available Over-the-Counter. Why spend money on a less concentrated solution?
  3. OIL-RICH FORMULA WITH VITAMIN E! Better Nail has six high-quality, all-natural oils: Citronella, Lavender, Tea Tree, Sweet Almond, Jojoba, and Clove Bud. We also included the oil-based Vitamin E so you get the most out of your experience.

Advanced Collagen Supplement, Type 1, 2 and 3 with...


  1. Healthy Skin, Hair & Nails: Collagen is the main protein that gives our skin elasticity. A collagen boost can help improve hair strength, nail growth and give healthy looking skin.
  2. Bones & Joints Formula: May reduce risk of bone fractures and improve mobility with a supplement that helps give bones & joints their flexibility and boost strength.
  3. For Fine Lines & Wrinkles: Look and feel younger by improving the overall health of your skin. This formula reduces marks by maintaining your skin's moisture and elasticity.
  4. Youthful Skin: Proteins help form connective tissue in your skin making it tighter and helping decrease fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks and can also help minimize cellulite.
  5. All Natural: These capsules are non GMO and free from dairy, gluten, eggs and nuts. They are tested for absorption, to ensure proper digestion. 120 caps- 1 month supply.

Zhou Collagen Peptides Hydrolyzed Protein Powder ...


  1. Bone Strength & Joint Flexibility. Over 90% of collagen in the body is comprised of type I and III collagen. Zhous collagen peptides helps fuel the bones, tendons, and connective tissue that support joint flexibility and bone strength in women and men.
  2. Radiant, Youthful Skin. Our pure, hormone-free collagen peptides powder features collagen hydrolysate to support the health and appearance of your skin, replenish lost collagen, and support cell regeneration for softer, firmer skin.
  3. 18 Essential Aminos. Collagen peptides contains two of the three amino acids necessary for the production of creatine, which helps support muscle cells while providing nutrients to make thin, damaged hair and weak, brittle nails a thing of the past.
  4. Gut Health. Paleo and keto friendly, Collagen Peptides is the perfect supplement to help keep your diet on track. A natural appetite suppressant, it keeps you feeling full longer and supports gut health by soothing the delicate lining of your digestive tract. Plus the peptides’ smaller molecules make digestion quick and easy, so more of the collagen is absorbed and utilized.
  5. What Sets Us Apart? At Zhou, we use only the highest-quality ingredients in a facility following GMP (good manufacturing practices). Plus, we test everything at our lab in Utah, so you can be confident that you're fueling your body with the very best.