DIY Desks You Can Build on a Budget


DIY Desks You Can Build on a Budget

DIY Farmhouse Desk for $75.00

You just need some reclaimed wood planks and hairpin legs (that you can pick up in a hardware store) to create this wonderful desk that looks rustic as much as it does mid-century. This combination of styles adds tons of home decor interest. Check out the tutorial on how to make it.

DIY Corner Desk

If you love making your home one step at a time, you will just love this DIY corner desk. Again, if you want something spacious that will snugly fit into a corner, this is the desk to opt to.  With three sturdy legs, this desk will hold items of sizeable weight. You can find the self-explanatory plans here.

DIY File Cabinet Desk

When all the kids have gone to school, you need some space where you can spend time, improving your craft skills. What about using file cabinets for the base of your DIY desk? First, you will need to get rid of most of the cabinet hardware, and then follow the instructions in this link to create a unique DIY project.



DIY Desk with Concrete Desktop and Wood Legs

This minimalist, cool desk comes with a DIY concrete desktop plus a simplified wooden frame that supports the legs. Being a pretty simple desk, you can opt to add shelves for some more storage space. The wood brings a bit of warmth to your space and keeps things looking natural. For more DIY tips on this desk, visit the tutorial.


DIY L-Shaped Farmhouse Wood Desk

The L-Shaped farmhouse wood desk is absolutely stunning. It not only looks rustic and chic but it also gives your office a complete look. The desk speaks of wonderful craftsmanship, and is a real stunner. With a good stain, you have a desk with a lovely finish. If you want the DIY instructions, follow this link.

Easy Home Office Desk

Inspired by Pottery Barn, this DIY desk is an easy build as it comes with a simple design. Other than looking amazing, this is a very functional desk. Even when you have to alter some of the measurements to meet your particular needs, the plan and instructions are easy to follow and very detailed. The instructions can be found here.

DIY Workbench Inspired Desk

With a huge giant workspace that measures 7-feet long and nearly 2-feet deep, you will have plenty of work surface area. You can opt to design shelves below to hold a printer or storage baskets. You will love the feel and industrial look of the hardware. This is ideal for your basement or garage work area. Follow the link for step-by-step instructions.


Copper Pipe DIY Computer Desk

If you don’t require a computer desk, you can still use the same concept to make a kitchen table, an accent table, or coffee table. You can opt to stick to the guidelines offered or modify them slightly to meet your specific needs. The Copper Pipe DIY Computer Desk is very doable by following the link.

Custom Industrial Wooden Desk

When everything at the shops is either in the wrong piece or wrong price, the best option is to build something on your own. Once you have assembled all the Custom Industrial Wooden Desk pieces together, a single coat of poly is sufficient to give your project that perfect finish. This will give your space grace and class.

Craft Room Desk

This is easy to assemble. You can decide to finish it up by adding an extra storage unit or a fold out cutting table. Your storage unit can also be modified to allow space where you can store an extra sewing machine. Once your desk unit is complete, you can use minwax dark walnut as your stain color for that great finish.


Pipe & Wood Office

This is a unique DIY project that entails using stained support pipes and wood panels finished with polyurethane. The desk consists of four 2 x 8’s joined using glue and pocket holes. You can use 2.5″ screws to join the pieces. You can use a spray gun to stain your desk.

Standing Desk

This desk allows for two people to work in separate areas, giving you plenty of desktop space.  Even though the desk height is designed for standing as you work, you can also get a couple of stool height chairs so that you can sit down whenever you feel tired. You are going to love how your wrap-around desk finally turns out.

DIY Pallet Desk

When sitting on your sofa doesn’t work for you anymore, you need DIY inspiration. The DIY Pallet Desk may be the solution. First, decide how large you want your desktop to be as disassembling pallets can be tough. You can even use one of the pallets to make an extra shelf. Once done, try sanding it for that smooth finish.


DIY File Cabinet Desk

The idea was conceived from a Home Depot Gift Challenge, and the creator is super happy with the outcome. You will be amazed at what you can do using that unused file cabinet in your office or home. Follow the detailed tips on how to put together your DIY File Cabinet desk on this link.

Trestle Desk from Scrap Lumber

Even from the standpoint of needed materials, this is an inexpensive desk, particularly if you got some lumber scrap pieces lying around. The beauty of this vintage build is that even when it gets a scratch or ding, it only goes to give it a little more character. Follow this link for step-by-step pictures and instructions on how to build a Trestle Desk from lumber.

From Door to DIY Desk

Ever thought of putting that unused door lying in your attic to good use? Why not transform it from a door to desk? Apart from the door, all you will need is a frame to hold it, and you are on your way to having your first from Door to Desk project.


Cheap and Easy DIY Desk

If you’re ready to spend some time covered in sawdust and paint, this is a great way to make your own furniture — so much cheaper! You need to measure the available space and plan how big you want your desk. It can be made to sit up to 6 people.

DIY Parsons Desk

This is basically a tutorial, more of a guideline on how to create a DIY Parsons Desk. This desk, when designed without the drawers might be an easier project, so if you want a simpler version, you may want to consider it. If you want to design your own, the diagrams and photos in this tutorial will help a little.

DIY Easy Desk

Here it is all about employing your own ‘produced’ products, regardless of the size for your DIY projects. When space is premium, make yourself an easy work desk using what you have to fit the available space. Get your DIY tools and follow this link on how to do that.


DIY Vintage Yardstick Homework Desk

Looking for a unique homework desk solution for your little boy? This Vintage Yardstick Desk will fit in the space you got available. You may want to seal the desk using polyurethane to ensure long service, especially if a little boy will be using it for his homework.

L Shaped Double X Desk

Sometimes what you need is an L-shaped desk. This design is from Jolene, the designer cum owner of The Rustic Barn. It makes a great homework or writing desk which you can also shove into that tight corner, and save lots of space.

DIY Butcher Block Desk

If you want a large desktop space, this is exactly what the DIY Butcher Block Desk offers. This desk is a beast as it measures a huge 72″ x 36″ x 1.5″ (length/width/depth). Assembling this desk is actually quite easy because you can do it in just 5 steps that are found by following the link.


Vintage Desk

If you’re looking for a vintage piece of furniture with lots of character, consider building this simple desk. The plans are straightforward and you can achieve all the charm with paint job.

Reclaimed Wood Desk

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