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Remaking your clothes: Goth DIY

Remaking your clothes:  Goth DIY -   diy Clothes goth

Gothically yours….: Remaking your clothes: Goth DIY The autumn finally came as well as the need to change some items in my wardrobe. I need new trousers, new tops, shirts and so on. I don’t like spending big amount of money on clothes unless it’s a specific piece like this skirt I really want 🙂 I don’t know where all buckles and hardcore items went from my wardrobe. There never was much of them to begin with. But now all I have are laced skirts, tops and velvet jackets 😀 I have only a one pair of wearable pats and they are black denim trousers… I need to add back some industrial or at least something more edgy. Or else I’m gonna turn in to big pile of frills. Not that it’s bad, but it’s just that I don’t want it at the moment. I like my style to be versatile. From romantic to edgy. In order not to store to much clothes I do a trade with myself. If a new item comes, an old one has to go… First of all I need to get (or to make) myself a pair of trousers. I have a pair I don’t’ wear at all and they are particular new. I’ll try to sell them or trade them into something more me. So somethings like this. They look quite comfortable It’s always hard for me to pick trousers. I hate when the waist is to low and every time you sit you reveal your underwear. I don’t like when it’s to tight and you can feel every stitch on you legs. But too wide pant looks so so. There is no such problems with skirt 😀 They are rather all comfortable or too short to feel comfortable 😀 My best outfit during winter was warm leggings and knee length skirt. It was even warmer then wearing pants and we have quite cold winters. And plus your boots are not covered how it usually happens while wearing pants 😉 And for the top I thing I’ll have something like this I love tops with open shoulder and the straps makes it comfortable to wear. I never threw out all kinds of belts and straps from old clothes, because I can use them on new ones. For example, you can take a simple black long sleeve shirt. Cut the neckline (2), add the straps (3) on shoulders or even on the chest if there are no applications already. Or you can go further, cut the sleeves and add lace, fishnet or straps between them (4). For more romantic look use wide ribbon on shoulders and decorate the cut with the lace of your choice;) It will take a hour or less, but you’ll have something unique and totally yours;) So never throw out an old stuff with still good straps or buckles on it. cut them out and save 😉 And zippers… Black zippers are a super fast way to gothisise your stuff. Like here. Just add zippers on a stripped (or not) blouse and voila 🙂 You can always combine two old pieces to make a new one. For example take a top of an old piece with beautiful sleeves whos bottom got ripped ore something and a striped bottom of another piece who’s neckline maybe is not looking good anymore. Just sew them together on the chest line… …and add buckles for heaver look 😉 I had a whole box of cut out goodies, but throw them out while moving out to have less things to take with me. But I always search for an interesting details in second hand shops. I remember once buying pants only for the buckles since the pants were in a bad condition but had absolutely perfect straps with buckles on them 🙂 So good luck. i hope it was helpful. Tell me if you want more ideas on remaking your clothes 😉