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How to Make a DIY Scrunchie Out of a T-Shirt

How to Make a DIY Scrunchie Out of a T-Shirt -   diy Clothes crafts
DIY Scrunchies can be made with any type of material, from simple quilting cotton to decorative fabrics or even flannel and fleece. Or, you can keep the environment in mind and upcycle a piece of clothing into a fun, new scrunchie! My favorite type of clothing to turn into a scrunchie is an old t-shirt. The soft jersey material makes the best scrunchies, and they are soft and comfy to wear. Here is how to make a DIY scrunchie out of a t-shirt (or another upcycled piece of clothing) in just a few minutes! How to Make a DIY Scrunchie out of a T-Shirt Step 1. Gather supplies. Supplies Needed: Fabric (t-shirt, baby blanket, etc) Elastic (1/4? flat elastic or elastic cording) Scissors Rotary Cutter and Cutting Mat Quilt Clips and Safety Pins Sewing Machine DIY Scrunchie Project Checklist (free in The Mama Makers Club free resource library!) Optional: Iron, Ironing Board, Straight Pins We are going