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Today doses of inspiration to decorate your wedding or party with old window frames . It is true that finding windows of this type today is not so easy! But if localizes or home disposes them see that you can perform wonders with them to decorate your wedding or party !! When thinking sure many windows we were perplexed minutes thinking about what I do with this? Well there are plenty of utilities that you can perform with old window frames, here you have a selection of 10 ideas that have seemed great for decorating events with old window frames !
  • 1. Perfect for guests lists.
  • 2. A great idea to welcome the guests with a touch very glam!
  • 3. A very cool background for a rustic chic dessert table!
  • 4. The perfect place to put your initials and surprise everyones!
  • 5. Frame With plants and flowers, an original touch very striking.
  • 6. To place the wedding menu, a chic and delicate look.
  • 7. A lovely detail to remember a very special and emotional day.
  • 8. The perfect background for an unforgettable ceremony! lined with lace so cute !!!
  • 9. To decorate the candy table, a very simple way to get the attention of the guests.
  • 10. Ideal to create a corner of the unique and special memories with photos and poems we love!
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Infinity Love Anniversary Wedding Cake Topper Part...

Infinity Love Anniversary Wedding Cake Topper Party Decoration Ideas


  1. ADD ELEGANCE TO YOUR PARTY: With a beautiful yet simple design, this piece will elevate any dessert.
  2. ROBUST SIZE WILL MAKE THIS THE CENTER OF ATTENTION: Standing 2" tall (excl. prongs) by 5.5" wide, everyone in the room will take notice of your centerpiece dessert.
  3. ACRYLIC DESIGN MEANS BREAK-FREE & STURDY: Don't worry about the fragility of this topper on your special day. No rhinestones to fall out, no metal to bend - just insert and enjoy! Be sure to remove the protective liner before sticking the topper into your cake!
  4. ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: The 2.5" prongs can be trimmed to desired length depending on the type of dessert this piece will be inserted into.
  5. SAVE THIS AS A MEMENTO: Simply remove the prongs after the party is over and you can save this gorgeous top as a keepsake for years to come!

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