Deco Mesh Christmas Wreath Ideas

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Paper Wreaths

37.  DIY Napkin Paper Wreath ~ The theme of this wreath can be easily changed by simply using different cocktail napkins. Make one for any occasion.

Paper Wreaths -   Deco Mesh Christmas Wreath Ideas

38.  Punched Paper Flower Wreath ~ These punched paper flowers are easy to make, inexpensive, and can be used for  a wide variety of Spring projects.

39.  Paper Flower Wreath Tutorial ~ These wreaths are fairly large and require twenty-five to thirty flowers. Yes, it does take me forever. But. It lasts forever. The flowers never die and it?s gorgeous.

40.  Pinwheel Paper Wreath Tutorial ~ This adorable wreath is not only fun to make, but is an easy project your children can help make.

41.  How to make a paper wreath ~ This wreath can be easily customized for any season or occasion so you can have one up all year long.

Paper Wreaths -   Deco Mesh Christmas Wreath Ideas

42.  Paper Christmas Wreath ~ This simple craft with paper wreath holds so many options. You can make it with traditional colors with red and green wrapping or scrapbooking paper or get some bright blues and purples for a springtime feel.

Paper Wreaths -   Deco Mesh Christmas Wreath Ideas

43.  3D Paper Star Wreath  ~ This wreath is easy to make, and turns your pieces of scrap paper into something gorgeous.

44.  Patriotic Paper Cone Wreath ~ Create an American Flag inspired paper cone wreath with an inexpensive wreath form from the dollar store.

45.  Patriotic Paper Wreath ~ Welcome all of your guests at the door with this patriotic paper wreath.  Easily create one of your own with some red, white, and blue scrapbook paper.

46.  How To Make An Origami Wreath ~ Once you have all 12 sheets of paper folded you can insert them into each other and after the last piece you will have a beautiful wreath. Paper Wreaths -   Deco Mesh Christmas Wreath Ideas

47.  Butcher Paper Wreath Tutorial ~ This all-white spring wreath is made completely from butcher paper ? A beautiful and inexpensive way to spruce up a door or room.

48.  Paper Towel Spring Wreath ~ How to make a spring paper wreath using power towels.

Paper Wreaths -   Deco Mesh Christmas Wreath Ideas