12 Free Crochet Patterns for Circular Vest Jacket

Crochet Red Circle Vest:

free crochet red circle vest pattern Here is another hot red vest with scalloped edging, crocheted as a stylish winter warmer for the girls who give their first preference always to fashion! It is so much airy so you can use it also in spring and in summer mornings! Full picture guide and free pattern is here tejidogratis

Crochet Circular Vest Sweater:

free crochet circular vest You may also be a girl or women who always run after the modern fashion trends! If you are going through the winters then here is a circular crochet vest sweater for you to look fashionable and stylish! This circular vest is whole airy and can even be used in spring to look adorable! Keep on hooking and keep on looking adorable in winters! Image Credit to: moralefiber Free Pattern Credit to: moralefiber.wordpress

Crochet Circle Mandala Motif Sweater:

crochet mandala motif sweater Another great circular vest or sweater, inspired of mandala and hence has been crocheted for a mandala motif in the center! A new adorable way to cover yourself warm in winters! Full free pattern is here moralefiber

Crochet Lotus Mandala Circular Vest:

free crochet lotus mandala circular vest Are you a fashion enthusiast? If you really are then this mandala crochet jacket is for you! It will help you to gain that exclusive celebrity inspired winter fashion look! A sweater, cardigan or a crochet vest, you may call it whatever you like but one things is sure that it is a ever best winter fashion accessory to crochet with your hook! Get those ruffled edging for more adorable looks! Full free pattern is here moralefiber

Crochet Fall Forest Sweater Jacket:

free crochet fall forest sweater jacket One more spectacular crochet jacket for the style loving ladies, inspired of bohemian fashion, the lovely fall forest circle sweater jacket! It is super airy but still flattering! Complete guide and free patter is here garnstudio

Crochet Flower Circle Vest:

easy crochet flower circle vest pattern Exclusive flower crochet circle vest, would make a beautiful gift for a fan of bohemian fashion! Experiment it with vibrant yarn colors! Full guide and free pattern is here omakoppa

Crochet Flower Power Circle Vest:

crochet power circle vest Another great women’s every day fashionable wear to crochet with your own special hook! Here it is a stylish flower power circle vest, crocheted to inspire all the fashion loving teens! It is all inspired of bohemian fashion! Complete free pattern here Lene Unmack Larsen on Ravelry

Crochet Moonlight Mist Circular Sweater or Vest:

crochet moonlight mist circular Redefine your winter fashion with this remarkable circle moonlight mist vest! Would make all the ladies look highly stylish and is just perfect for the spring fashion! Time to get busy with your hook to clone it! Complete free pattern is here ravelry

Crochet Creepy Skull Circle Vest:

precious skull circle crochet free vest pattern Here is a scary version of circle crochet vest, the creepy skull circle vest jacket! A matching hat has also been crocheted as a head warmer! The design provides so much space for air-circulation so is perfect for spring season and summer fashion! Free pattern for both hat and jacket is here lovecrochet

Stylish Red Crochet Circle Jacket:

crochet red circle jacket Another style-worthy winter accessory that will work great to show off your figure and personality! It is a red circle crochet jacket, a new inspiration for hook-addicts who are fashion lovers too! Complete guide and free pattern here craftsy

Crochet Dreamcatcher Circle Vest:

fashion-worthy crochet dreamcatcher circle vest Love the bohemian fashion? Here is what you need this winter to satisfy your bohemian fashion taste! A special dream-catcher circle crochet vest sweater! Make it yours by crocheting this free pattern ravelry

Crochet Circle Shrug:

stylish crochet circle shrug


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12 Free Crochet Patterns for Circular Vest Jacket



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