Strawberries growing in rotation idea


Cost of shipping a dimensional object ~5m wide makes this something to make on site. A roll bender, 2″ steel pipe and 6″ pvc pipe are the main materials. The larger the diameter the higher the yield in the area.



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Strawberries growing in rotation idea



Strong Camel Grow Planter Bag -- Strawberry and He...

Strong Camel Grow Planter Bag  Strawberry and Herb Plant Tub  3 Pack


  1. Reusable; simply folds flat for storage;
  2. Size:13.7'' dia. x17.7'' H
  3. Two side carry handles for ease in moving
  4. this economical, durable and practical planting bags are no space requirement and does not require you to have a big garden can grow, compact and lightweight planting bags.
  5. Material: Environmental Polyethylene

Mr Stacky Large 64 qt. Vertical Garden Planter - S...

Mr Stacky Large 64 qt Vertical Garden Planter  Set of 5


  1. Maximize Any Space - Garden Effieciently
  2. Black Color Prevents Algae Growth Near Root Zone
  3. Ideal Tool For Indoor Hydroponic Gardeners - Center Hole Used For Water Line
  4. Flow Through Design - Protects From Over Watering, Root Rot, and Disease
  5. Plant, Stack, & Enjoy - 20 Plant Site - Heavy Duty Durable Product - Indoor / Outdoor

LARGE Vertical Gardening Stackable Planters by Mr....

LARGE Vertical Gardening Stackable Planters by Mr Stacky  Grow More Using Limited Space And Minimum Effort  Plant Stack Enjoy  Build Your Own Backyard Vertical Garden  DIY Stacking Container System  For Growing Strawberry Tomato Pepper Cucumber Herbs Lettuce Greens amp Much More  Indoor or Outdoor  Stackable Pots 5


  1. Simple: Plant. Stack. Enjoy.
  2. Smart: Just Water The Top - All Tiers Below Recieve Water
  3. Easy To Maintain: 20 Plant Garden In 1 Location
  4. For Homes, Apartments, Greenhouses, Classrooms, Backyards, and Patios - Grow Strawberries, Flowers, Herbs, and Vegetables Vertically
  5. 5-Pack Soil Volume 64 Quarts - 18" Diameter - 38" Height - Made In USA - Heavy Duty - Includes 5 Large Stacking Planters - Guaranteed To Love - Color: Terracotta Orange (Darkens A Bit Once Soil Is Added) - Thank you!

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