How to Lose Weight in a Week the Healthy Way!

Clean Eating Weight Loss Meal Plan


Hard Boiled Eggs, Banana and Whole Wheat Toast

Mid Morning Snack

Whole Wheat Toast or Crackers with Homemade Blueberry Preserves


Broccoli Turkey and Cheddar Wrap (get recipe here)

Awesome clean eating lunch today!

This wrap had everything in it: vegetable, protein, cheese and grains. Plus, it tasted scrumptious. I will totally make this again!

Get recipe at Clean Eating Lunch Idea.

Afternoon Snack

Date and Almond Milk Smoothie (recipe here)

Here’s a clean eating tip: dates make a fantastic substitute for sugar.

Today’s smoothie was deliciously sweet with California dates and organic almond milk. It was creamy, tasty and such a fresh idea.

Get recipe at Healthy Smoothie with Date and Almond Milk.


Lobster Topped Salad

Went with a light dinner tonight: scrumptious Langostino Lobster over crunchy salad. Then, a splash of all-natural grated Parmesan. Add dressing of your choice–hopefully you choose an organic dressing made with Greek yogurt–and dinner is served.

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