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An elusive creature of gentle beauty, the Ruby-Throated Hummingbird reminds us to seize the moment and appreciate the little things that make life wonderful. This Ruby-Throated Hummingbird panel is handmade by me, using top quality stained glass, which includes Wissmach, Armstrong and Spectrum. Yellows, greens and browns make up the flowers and the hummingbird, with the ruby red throat made with red granite Spectrum glass. A white opalescent glass is used for the underbody of the hummingbird. Exquisite bevels are used to outline this panel. Stained glass bevels are thick plates of angled glass used as dramatic accents in stained glass windows, doors, and panels. In beveled glass, light is reflected and refracted by the beveled angle of the glass which creates a stunning, prismatic effect in certain lighting conditions, adding depth and elegance to the design. Each piece of glass is carefully selected and hand cut, then ground to perfection. The Tiffany technique of copper foiling is applied to each piece, then soldered. A black patina is applied to the solder lines. A strong zinc frame surrounds the panel and a black patina is applied. The panel is then waxed for a shiny finish. Hangers have been soldered to the top of the panel and a black jack chain is included, so that it is ready to hang. Due to the nature and characteristics of stained glass, there will be slight variations in the color patterns and textures of each hand cut piece, therefore no two works of art will be exactly alike. This panel is made to order, especially for you. Please allow up to 4-6 weeks, for completion. This would make a perfect gift for that special person or persons in your life, or for yourself! No shipping to Hawaii or Alaska