Washi Tape Clothespins

Here’s a super simple craft: washi tape clothespins!  I discovered washi tape on Pinterest and I’m hooked!  Washi tape is similar to masking tape but it has pretty colors and designs.  You can find washi tape really inexpensively, only a dollar a roll.  I picked up a few rolls at the dollar spot at Target and I also got some at Michael’s on sale.  I already have plenty of craft supplies and try really hard not to buy more, but I just couldn’t resist these pretty colors and designs!  Washi tape can be used to dress up just about anything.  I’ve used washi tape to decorate gift bags and gift tags.  This time, I used it to pretty up some clothespins.

To make these fun clothespins, just cut a length of washi tape to fit the length of the clothespin.  One of my washi tapes was narrow and fit the width of the clothespin exactly.  The others, I had to trim a little bit, but it was no biggie.  You can use scissors to trim it, but the tape tears easily and will make a straight, clean tear if you use the edge of the clothespin as a guide.
Then I cut a piece of magnet to fit on the back of the clothes pin.  My magnet was peel and stick so it was easy peasy to stick it on the back!
I love the bright happy colors for holding notes on the fridge!