School Supply Teacher Appreciation Card from Little Wonders’ Days

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School Supply Teacher Appreciation Card

I wanted to help Little J and his classmates make a couple of cards for their teachers this week.  I think the candy cards are so cute, but one of their teachers doesn't eat chocolate !*@gasp.   So, I thought they could do the same thing with school supplies.  This is what we came up with.



poster board/markers/stickers/ribbon/heavy duty tape
a ruler
a calculator
a highlighter
a Sharpie
an eraser
a glue stick

What the card says
Dear Ms.________,
It's been a (insert ruler)long year, but by our (insert calculator) calculations, it's been a great one!  You've given us the (insert pencils)"write" stuff to make our (insert markers) mark in 3rd grade.  There are too many things to (insert highlighter) highlight from our wonderful year, but they made a (insert Sharpie) permanent mark on us that can't be (insert eraser) erased.  We wish we could (insert glue stick) stick with you forever!
Thank you for (insert crayons) coloring our world this year!
Your Smarties (insert bag of Smarties)