Classic Wedding Shower Games for Prizes

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TOP 10 Classic Wedding Shower Games for Prizes

Let’s face it, every Hen Do or Bridal Shower should have a few good games up their sleeves.  If you are planning either for the bride-to-be, and are stumped on game ideas, don’t sweat it we’ve come up with a top ten list for you.  Choose one of these that suits your crowd best, and everyone will have a swell time. Not to mention, you’ll go down in the books as a big hit as the perfect host.


If you didn’t already know, this is quite the popular activity at Hen Do’s. If you have no idea I’m talking about, let me clue you in what this is all about.  Before the Hen Do you have the groom fill out a questionnaire that you have prepared on the bride, himself & their relationship. Keep in mind, that the funnier the questions are the better. Then, during the party you ask the bride to fill out the same questionnaire & guess what he would have answered.

If you’re super organised, you could record a video tape of the groom answering the questions as proof – or the more tech savvy could have a google hangout / Skype call with the groom to see his reaction to the bride’s answers!

Some questions to ask: How did you meet? What’s your favourite body part of your partner? Name one thing he/she would save (apart from you) in a fire? What’s his/her most annoying habit? Favourite film/book? Most embarrassing thing that ever happened to him/her? What’s his/her favourite sexual position?

photo by Heather Kincaid via Junebug Weddings