Advocare Cleanse Recipes

Advocare Cleanse Recipes


Advocare Cleanse Recipes

Listed on this page are some ideas on what to eat during a 10 day cleanse with Advocare. All of the recipes for the meals on here can be found on my blog posts, or they are simple enough to not need a recipe. There aren't many ideas on here right now, but please bear with me as I try to add more. The variety of food that you can eat on the cleanse is huge! These are just some of the things that I suggest. Enjoy!

Breakfast Ideas

-Bell pepper ring with egg cooked in the middle

-Fresh fruit

-Fruit smoothie made with orange or apple juice


-Plain oatmeal with fresh fruit or cinnamon

-Omelette with no or little cheese

-Scrambled Eggs

Snack Ideas

-Apples with peanut butter

-Carrots with hummus

-Celery with peanut butter



-Dried plums

-Hard boiled eggs

-Natural and plain almonds or other nuts

-Unsalted brown rice cake with guacamole

Meal Ideas

-Black Bean Chili

-Cilantro Lime Chicken

-Fiesta Chicken

-Steak with a steamed vegetable