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Beach Mama Mala

Turquoise, White Jasper, Coral “Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air” – Emerson Close your eyes and breathe in the fresh salty air as you hold your Beach Mama Mala close and experience the serene, majestic energy of the ocean. Custom designed for Instagram superstar Kerri Verna a.k.a Beach Yoga Girl, the Beach Mama Mala allows you to carry the peace of the ocean wherever you go. Turquoise guides you to the calm that resides just below the surface, allowing you to feel a deep peace within, even when life’s waters get a little choppy. White jasper and Coral unite your physical body with the natural world that surrounds you, evoking a connection to all living things. Mama of two Kerri Verna is a Glide Paddleboard team athlete, yoga instructor, and Instagram superstar. Her artistic feed @beachyogagirl fuses her love of the ocean and her passion for yoga, inspiring others to follow their dreams. Hand crafted with fragrant sandalwood and stones mindfully chosen to support you on your journey of motherhood, you can use your mama malas to set your intentions at the beginning of the day, deepen your meditation practice or simply enjoy them for their beauty. To be sure you get the most out of your mala beads, each set of mama malas comes with a guide to mala meditation and setting intentions, a detailed description of the stones used and a soft pouch to protect them when not in use. Details: Length (top to bottom): Approx. 14.25″ Turquoise Guru Stone: 1.18″ x 0.9″ All Mama Malas are lovingly hand made. Please allow three to five business days for your order to ship once processed. Please keep in mind that just like you, every stone is unique. Although you will receive a mala with the same stones as the ones pictured, due to the beautiful variances of nature, your stone will be completely one of a kind, and will not look exactly like any other. We make all our malas to withstand 20 lbs of pressure, so they are built to handle a bit of curiosity during nursing, but they are designed just for Mamas and not babies We strongly advise against allowing babies or children put the malas near or in their mouths as the beads are a choking hazard.