7 DIY Swimming Pool Ideas and Designs

Some people can make building things look so easy. This is good, since it let’s the rest of us have the guts to try something like building a swimming.

But if you take a look at some of the DIY swimming pools people have made below, it does show you that anyone can build one in their own backyard oasis.

There are three types of DIY swimming pool designs to choose from:

  1. There is the permanent swimming pool construction
  2. The natural swimming pool
  3. The temporary pool – which can be a weekend build

1. The dumpster pool – DIY above ground swimming pool

Stefan Beese is one of those who makes building a own pool look easy. He took an old dumpster and used that as the main container. It was padded out with insulation, covered with a liner, and then cladded with pine slats – showcased here.

2. The shipping container swimming pool

Using a premade metal container seems to be a pretty straightforward and simple way of starting a swimming pool build – by Ian Starz.

3. A more traditional DIY concrete swimming pool build

4. A natural swimming pond

Build plans by David Pagan

5. Another natural inground swimming pool pond, this time in a more urban backyard

Built by VonBubenberg

6. 9 pallets were used to build the frame for the pool

Swimming pool DIY by Torben Jung

7. A DIY swimming pool using hay bales and a waterproof tarp

Built by Roy and Reagan