6 fitness Transformation girl ideas

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Sorry for the small text at the bottom of this pic! But I love sharing my progression, because it shows that results don’t happen overnight! ✨✨ I’m still chasing progress, and I’ve tried a few different things to get me here, but the number one thing is staying consistent! I’ve started and stopped so many times because I never found a balance or lifestyle incorporating fitness that worked for me or that I enjoyed 🖤 now I love weights, but I also love mixing it up (see my latest favourite in my story 🥊)🙌🏼🔥. A few tips that worked for ME for fat loss

1️⃣ tracking macros – this way I was able to ensure I was eating in a calorie deficit whilst eating the right nutrients to fuel my workouts
2️⃣ mixing up my training – rather than just doing cardio, mix in weights, body weight circuits, high intensity, low intensity
3️⃣ track your progress to stay motivated – these progress pics always proved to me I was seeing results even when I didn’t think I was
4️⃣ have healthy snacks and meal prep to keep you on track with your diet (diet plays a huge role)
5️⃣ know your body – some people can eat a high carb diet and not gain kgs for example, I respond best to lower carbs and higher fats! Everyone is different
6️⃣ you can’t target fatloss! Soz! 💦 it’ll go from the places your body chooses (I wish I could target my arms!! Most stubborn fat there)

⏱ Thought I’d compare a few of my pics of late to see how this cut is going, and I was more surprised by my leg gainz than anything else 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼🥇. Super interesting to compare the cut I did in December last year when I was on super low cals (won’t be doing that again) to now – a range of mixed calories depending on my training days 🔥🔥. I’ve certainly changed my body composition at many stages throughout my life, but where I’m at now is my strongest, happiest & healthiest 🙌🏼.

So what’s changed? I’m training SMARTER, I’m changing things up (loads, intensity, volume, food, macros, calories), being consistent, sorting my gut health & hormones out, managing stress, sleeping more, eating more, educating myself & learning a lot ✔️.

In 2014 I was unhappy, I couldn’t stick to a routine, I wasn’t seeing results
In 2015 I was happier, but I was binge drinking, staying up late, eating whatever I wanted (a lot of treats), exercising randomly
In 2016 I did a cut, I went from a huge amount of calories to sweet FA and it damaged my metabolism. I was training hard, but I wasn’t fuelling my body enough to see gains. I was getting close to burning out.
In 2017 I’ve tried different things, another cut with a smaller deficit %, keto, and now low carb 🐟. I’m training in phases of 4 weeks that test different methods of training. I have a badass coach that pushes me hard 🥇.

Don’t forget, we all start somewhere. There’s no overnight fix, my results are the product of years of training, testing, learning, set backs, ups, downs and I’m still so determined to keep pushing my body to see where I’ll be in another year from now 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 I’ll post more info on my cut on my website, keto post so close to going live too 🥓🥓. Love you all, any q’s please comment here 💛.