How To Grow Green Onions

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How to Regrow and Reuse Scallions

How to Regrow and Reuse Scallions -   How To Grow Green Onions

Grow the root of your scallions in water and then transplant to soil(or other media) when ready to harvest! Scallions or green onions, are a kitchen staple. These peppery alliums can be used raw to add a bit of zesty crunch to finished dishes, or saut?ed for their mild, oniony flavor. But the best part? Like most root vegetables, you can regrow scallions almost indefinitely on your kitchen counter with just a glass of water. We at Green Chef love the idea of recycling your veggies. Fresh food and minimized waste? Yes, please! We ship our root vegetables with the bulbs intact. So the next time you receive scallions in your shipment, use this handy tutorial to make it a gift that keeps on giving! Step 1 Using a diagonal (or bias) cut, cut the scallion where the light green stem starts hitting the dark green leaves. Step 2 Place the bulb in a glass of regular, cold tap water with just a little bit of the green showing. Step 3 Place on a sunny windowsill. (Onions love sun.) Change the water every 4 days or so. Cloudy, slimy water can stunt growth. Step 4 After about a week, when the dark green leaves are about the length of your palm, it’s ready to …