25 garden trellis greenhouses ideas

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When I look upon a wall of my house or yard fence that borders my garden beds, all I see is a blank canvas that provides an opportunity to bring my vegetation and garden features to new heights. Sometimes a simple planter, ornament, or unique lighting is all the space needs to provide the touch you are looking for, but when you have a large area to fill, you may want to consider adding a trellis. A trellis is is an upright structure that can serve as a stand alone support, or be placed against fences and wall to provide a framework for your climbing plants to grow upon. Whether homemade or prefabricated, there are plenty of ideas below to get you thinking about the perfect place to display one! Wooden Garden Trellis Ideas Traditional Arches Surface Texture Built in Support All Angles Outside the Lines Garden Support Perfect Backdrop Building Bridges Arbored View New Heights Out of the Box Welcoming Entrance Living Canvas Sturdy Supports Vegetable Garden Trellis Tall Tomatoes