25 burlap crafts board ideas

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Cross – burlap on board.

Cross - burlap on board. -   25 burlap crafts board

One of the biggest sources of clutter on my kitchen counters are memo’s to myself. I forever have sticky notes or papers from school taking over my space. So I set out to make a little memo board to help me keep track of important papers or appointments without all the clutter. I love the burlap and twine combo. And the cute little metal flowers are the perfect embellishment. I love how it turned out. Here is the whole “desk” area of my kitchen. You may remember by little mini dresser and my mail slot organizer. I didn’t want to damage the wood of the cabinets, so I bought some command strips that are kind of like velcro. They attach to the frame and also the wall and the pieces interlock and are very strong. Want to Make Your Own Memo Board? You will need: frame, painted and distressed if desired – I used a 10X13 size. foam board batting burlap twine upholstery tacks, decorative brads, or buttons hot glue 1- Begin by cutting the foam board to fit inside the frame. 2 – Cut a piece of batting the same size as the foam board, Cut a piece of burlap about an inch bigger all the way around. 3 – Place the batting and the foam board on top of the burlap and then wrap the burlap over the edges of the foam board and hot glue in place. 4 – Attach your twine with hot glue. I started from corner to corner, gluing the twine to the back side. Then I glued twine from the middle to middle. 5 – Insert into your frame. 6 – Add embellishments – I used the little metal flower embellishments. Upholstery tacks, buttons, or brads would work. Here’s just a few things on it – I’ve had it over a month now and it’s filled up quite a bit. I have a funny story about this. This happened about a week after I hung the memo board. My son got a picture packet for basketball pictures. A few days before the pictures, I could not find the packet any where. I searched in all the places where I thought I would have put it. The night before, I found it. Guess where it was? You got it, on my memo board. Needless to say, now that’s the first place I look. Have you ever started a new organization system?