24 pink lotus tattoo ideas

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40+ Cute and Tiny Floral Tattoos for Women

Lotus Flower Tattoo on Shoulder by Graffittoo For women, it doesn’t get much cuter than a tiny floral tattoo. In fact, delicate little floral tattoos are so decidedly feminine that you seldom ever see them on men unless they’re part of a larger work. In this article, we’ve put together a list of some of the most fascinating and elegant tiny floral tattoo designs the world has yet to see. Enjoy! These matching floral tattoos. (Photo: Sol Art) This itty-bitty blackwork piece. (Photo: Annita Maslov) These California poppies. (Photo: Wonjun Jang) This tiny collarbone piece. (Photo: Annita Maslov) This minimalistic shoulder tat. (Photo: Camilla Campos) This spectacular lotus flower. (Photo: Graffittoo) This delicate rose. (Photo: