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Anchor Cuff Matte

Anchor Cuff Matte -   24 nautical decor printable

Free blue and gray anchor printable. Perfect for summer or for a nautical look all year round. Adjustable Size Genuine Leather Strap Hook & Loop Fastening________________________Anchor Cuff MatteThe Anchor Cuff Matte is the kind of bracelet that would blend in perfectly with any kind of look that you would prefer for the day, regardless if you intend on wearing something casual or even something a bit more elegant. Especially if you are not a big fan of accessories that come in many different colors and prefer something a bit more discrete, this is the piece you can rely on.Its strap is made out of genuine leather, which is a clear indicator of its quality as well as of the level of comfort you will be able to enjoy while having it on your wrist. If you have had unpleasant experiences with certain bracelets, we can guarantee that you will love our products. This specific strap is simple in its design. The all black look will never fail to accessorize your outfit in the most amazing manner possible. You should try it. Order the bracelet and put it on. You will not believe just how much it can change your appearance! The black, matte anchor is the perfect central element for individuals that prefer to be subtle. It has two purposes: it is part of the locking mechanism and it offers the entire bracelet a nice touch.If you are looking for a gift that will impress anyone you offer it to, this is it! The matte anchor can symbolize a number of things: that person can be the anchor in your life, it can offer you the stability you need and so on. This symbol represents strength, hope and steadiness. What does it mean to you? Either way, this is a fantastic choice for both you and anyone in your life. It is the accessory that you will enjoy wearing every single day, regardless of your mood!