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Genius Drops – Focus Vitamins for Kids

Visit www.fastbraiin.com to learn about this dynamic, physician-led #ADHD program for kids and adults. Your #FastBraiin diagnosis does NOT have to be a disability diagnosis! Our Positive Perspective and Comprehensive Approach includes counseling, diet, exercise, & meds. Start celebrating your FastBraiin gifts by calling 877-651-2447 today. Change your LIFE, not your BRAIN! BENEFITS OF GENIUS DROPS A HEALTHY & NATURAL ALTERNATIVE TO Rx MEDICATION! If you are looking for a non-addictive, non-habit forming, non-stimulant, preservative-free solution to help your precious child find improved concentration, focus, and memorization skills, you will love our Natural and Organic Genius Drops. Your child will enjoy a great tasting daily supplement to help them excel at school. And you can feel good knowing you are giving your child a safe, natural, gluten-free supplement that is supporting their active and healthy brains. A TASTE KIDS LOVE… this liquid formula is much easier for your kids to swallow over chewable vitamins. Which means less hassle for you. For really picky eaters, try mixing our liquid formula with juice to enhance the taste even more. THE ULTIMATE “BRAIN-BOOSTER” FOR KIDS! Genius Drops are made specially for kids 2+ to deliver the nutrients their growing brains need to perform at an optimal level. The natural and organic herbal extracts in our formula help with memory, retention, clarity, focus, and concentration. EXPERIENCE OUR “SMART STUDENT” GUARANTEE! We stand behind Genius Drops, and will provide you with a full money-back guarantee if you don’t see improvement in your child’s concentration after 30 days’ use. You can add Genius Drops to your cart today with confidence knowing you and your child will see and feel a difference in academic performance or your money back!  INGREDIENTS: Organic Astragalus Root, Wood Betony Herb, Ginkgo Leaf, Eleuthero Root, Gotu Kola Herb, Rhodiola Root, Licorice Root, Lavender Flower, Spearmint Leaf, Passionflower Leaf   Here’s What Our Customers Have To Say…