23 pinecone crafts white ideas

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WOW! quick cheap and easy holiday decorations for your home – buy some “snowy cedar branches” from craft store, add “red pin cone branches” or cinnamon scented pine cones and just place in a gift-wrapped box for instance Christmas decorations for the holidays ! Quick easy cheap party centerpieces too. DIY homemade inexpensive holiday decor

Thanksgiving crafts for kids – how to make pinecone turkeys using felt, feathers and wiggle eyes! Today I’m revisiting a craft we made last year. It’s our pinecone turkeys! Want to know something exciting? These guys are part of the 100 Days of Holidays Parents Magazine Newsletter. To make these cute little guys go on a nature walk with the kiddos and find some pinecones. Grab some felt, feathers, wiggly eyes and you’re ready to go. Pinecone Turkeys Supplies: pinecones orange felt feathers eyes glue Step on: Cut your feathers in half Step two: Use a small amount hot