23 diy painting rooms ideas

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7 Top Tools for No-Mess Painting

7 Top Tools for No-Mess Painting -   23 diy painting rooms

Tool for painting clean lines on the ceiling or around trim While before-and-afters of painting projects are often breathtaking, there tends to be a little bit of ugly at the end—specifically, the time-consuming cleanup. Fortunately, Hyde Tools is on a mission to design solutions that vanquish spills, splatters, smudges, and uneven application. The ingenious implements you’ll see here will speed you through your next DIY paint job, helping you get professional results with minimal mess and no tedious touch-ups. Top-notch tools like these just might make it fun to put on a fresh coat! This content has been brought to you by Hyde Tools. Its facts and opinions are those of BobVila.com.