22 garden design Wall art ideas

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15”x12” Moss Wall Art Home Decor Vertical Garden Preserved Moss, Birch Branches, Barn Wood Frame. Ready to ship

Upgrade your home and office decor with the exceptional beauty of real, preserved moss art, created by Whitehaus Living. Modern Home Decor. Ready to ship within three days. 🌱 Add tranquility and find your inner peace! This 15″ x 12″ framed moss art is part of the “Canopy” collection and features local birch branches, river stones, decorative gold rocks, black river rocks, various preserved mosses, and preserved fern. The frame is gray-toned rustic barn wood, which adds more texture and various shades to this already beautiful piece. Keep on your desk at work, add to a bookshelf at home or hang on your wall. This unique, handcrafted art piece is made from a variety of real preserved moss, which requires NO MAINTENANCE. No water, grow lights, or fertilizers are required. Display, admire and enjoy. Each created piece is unique and special in its own way but will follow the same design footprint as what you see in the pictures. This moss art is guaranteed to be an eye-catching, conversational piece for years to come. Enjoy! ————– Do not display in direct sunlight. No water, grow lights, or fertilizers are required. Low/bright light areas are fine. Care instructions included. If you have any specific requests (additional/fewer materials, different frame choice, etc.) for this piece, please let me know.