22 diy flower tutorial ideas

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Easy Paper Flower Tutorial

Easy Paper Flower Tutorial -   22 diy flower tutorial ideas

I am not sure right now what to call this flower I was originally going for a ranunculus. This kinda looks like a rose/ peony. You will need: Scissors Hot glue gun Template Pencil Printer paper Piece of foam(I used an egg crate…a pillow would work.) Brats rounded instrument (like the end of make up brush) Templates: Print your templates Make sure to “scale to fit page” when printing. I used decrease margins too. Cut: Use 2 sheets of paper for every flower. I can cut 8 flowers out at a time…but this will depend on your scissors. I also cut on the out side line rather than inside…I like big flowers :)I know I sacrifice the top sheet! (((Important tip: NUMBER YOUR FLOWERS 1-7 One is the smallest flower and seven the largest ))) I am using my original hand drawn template here. I now cheat and use the printed one 🙂 Seven happy piles. Shape: This is where the magic happens. Get your foam and your round ended tool (I used a kid toy shhhhh)Working on the flat side. Move the tool along the edge of your petals pressing fairly hard. Like this 🙂 Now you have piles of crinkled paper. Form Your Flowers: Get your brat and both of your 1 petals (the smallest) pierce them and secure the brat (your flowers center). You will be adding petals in this order 1,1,2,2,3,4,3,4,5,6,5,7,6,7 kinda cute Make a cabbage and glue the petals together. Be careful not to burn yourself! Next add both petals #2 You will end up with something like this. Add layers to the “cabbage” by gluing the top of each petal and forming around your center. Gradually apply less glue to let the flower open. Glue and press your flower down on each new layer. Remember to over lap the layers or your flower will look funny. Enjoy: Who knew just 2 pieces of printer paper could be so beautiful. You can add stems to your flowers by replacing the brat with floral wire and pierce through all the layers… Add stamens or a jewel.