21 diy dog leash ideas

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Doggies: lasso dogs

Doggies: lasso dogs -   21 diy dog leash

Doggies: lasso dogs – these are so cute…not that I have a dog but I love ’em Have you heard of Lasso? They are a company based in Puerto Rico. As you all know I love dogs and my darling Darla. As any pet owner you know there are always must have accessories and these are no exception. They have colorful and intricate collars and leashes made out of rope for any dogs delight as seen in 4 Rig or 6 Eco Leash. They even make an adorable chew toy, 1 Ultimus Toy, that looks like a real bone. Best part is how sturdy it is….good to know because Darla likes to chew her toys & break them. By the way- Get 20% OFF your doggie purchase using code: MADE BY GIRL – expires tonight at midnight! Darla uses 2 Cruiser. It’s a really soft & lightweight cotton collar + leash. With the cutest gold brass ring detailing! It doesn’t feel harsh on your hand unlike other leashes. I LOVE it! Which of these styles would you choose for your dog? 1. Ultimus Toy // 2. Cruiser // 3. Lasso Eco // 4. Rig // 5. Cotton Leash // 6. Eco Leash // 7. All-Around Cotton Leash – image of darla by jen ramos