19 simple crafts kindergarten ideas

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Butterfly Life Cycle Paper Plate Craft

Butterfly Life Cycle. This is simple and so cute for preschool kindergarten or first grade. #lifecycle #butterflies #science #stem #preschool #kindergarten In this fun spring craft for kids, children will illustrate the butterfly life cycle right onto a paper plate. This post also contains a free printable template to help get you started! (This post contains affiliate links.) Follow our Spring Crafts and Learning Pinterest board! *This post was originally published on March 12, 2015 and has since been updated. Spring is the perfect time of year to learn all about butterflies! We’ve seen quite a few fluttering around our backyard over the last couple weeks, and have encountered lots of cute, fuzzy caterpillars around town. The kids have had lots of questions


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19 simple crafts kindergarten ideas



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