19 diy projects For Boys food coloring ideas

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19 Fun Cooking Projects For Kids, Classrooms, and Home

Rainbow toast is made with sweetened cond. milk and food coloring Whenever I pull out the mixing bowl, my kids come running over to ‘help.’ Kids will absolutely love these fun, creative, and edible projects that are perfect for the classroom or home! 1. Painted toast 2. Domino cookies 3. Waffle pizzas 4. Rainbow noodles 5. Fizzy sherbet 6. Homemade tootsie rolls 7. Bookish tortilla stacks 8. Edible science experiment: homemade fruit snacks 9. Bert and Ernie snack 10. Cheeseburger look-a-like cookies 11. Ice cream in a bag 12. Butter in a mason jar 13. Edible octopuses 14. Soft pretzels numbers and letters 15. Bread in a bag 16. Butterfly