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Bamboo Home LED Grow Light Garden

Bamboo Home LED Grow Light Garden -   19 diy Interieur plants ideas

Two-Tier LED Grow Light Brings Beauty to Indoor Gardening Includes FREE top tray in addition to two shelf traysLower shelf has extra height for plants up to 30″ tallBulbs are twice as bright as standard LED grow lights Watch: Bamboo Home LED Grow Light Garden It’s our best and brightest grow light system yet! Each unit houses two, 3960-lumen bulbs that satisfy all your plants’ light needs from a single distance. No need to adjust lamp height — or worry about burning your plants. Grow more indoors than you ever thought possible — try citrus and peppers, light-loving tropicals, or Mediterranean herbs like rosemary. We even grew dwarf cherry tomatoes! The Home Garden has two tiers of versatile growing space. Now you can start seeds, propagate houseplants, nurture succulents, and keep fussy plants happy all in one innovative system. You’ll like how it looks in your space, but you’ll love how it performs! Our designers chose bamboo for the furniture-quality frames. It’s attractive, its tensile strength rivals that of steel, and it’s highly renewable. Bulbs are recessed, eliminating the glare of traditional grow lights and creating a unified aesthetic. Add the optional rolling base, sold separately, for easy mobility. Or combine with other pieces in the Bamboo LED Grow Light Garden series to create your own, fully customized grow light system. Product Details Bamboo, galvanized steel, high output T5 LEDs, steel hardware and bracing cable38-1/4″ L x 18-3/4″ W x 54″ HWeighs 61 lbs.Weight capacity: base unit, 50 lbs.; upper unit, 30 lbs.Each bulb: 6400K; 3960 lm; 720 fc; 15W PAR; 67 μmol/s PPF; 114 μmol/(m2-s) PPFDAssembly requiredGardener’s Supply Exclusive