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Unique Diamond Wedding Band

Unique Diamond Wedding BandA tapered line of 11 oval and round white diamonds (1mm-3.5mm, SI clarity, G+ color) Solid 14k gold setting with a delicate 1.2mm round band (available in yellow, rose, and white gold) Total carat weight: .68ct.  This piece is made to order, and will ship approximately two weeks from the time the order is placed   “It’s all about perspective,” they say. Our perspective often seems inevitable; we do not choose the events that shape our outlook, and so we feel our perspective is not our choice. But what if we could change our perspective by choosing to look at things differently? Choosing another angle by which to view our circumstances? Perspective can be dynamic, and this conscious decision to consider and possibly change our outlook can, indeed, make all the difference. The shifting perspective of self-work is embodied by a tapered line of oval and round diamonds on the Diamond Perspective Band. Ebbing and flowing, changing and growing, this design moves as your viewpoint does. From the front, the outlying diamonds seem to blend into the delicate 14k gold band. From the side, it is evident that these diamonds are growing incrementally, representing your own growth into a new and changing perspective.