18 raised garden borders ideas

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OLT Raised Cedar Garden Bed 8’x8′ or 8’x12′ With Deer Fence Options

OLT Raised Garden Bed 8’x8′ #gardendesign Description  Specs Videos OLT’s Raised Garden Bed takes ‘Urban Gardening to a whole new level! Big in size and easy to access from all sides makes growing crops for a family of 4 or more a breeze! FREE SHIPPING!!! CALL US 732 806 7959 Disabled or elderly gardeners will appreciate the ergonomic design to reduce the amount of bending and kneeling required when attending to their garden. High enough to keep out most critters and keeps veggies above the dog pee zone early this year.   The 33.5 in. high perimeter fencing is backed with black vinyl coated wire that doesn’t rust.  Folding marine hinges allows you to utilize trellis panels later in the growing season when plants are taller. Panelized Western Red Cedar Walls will easily assemble! Our 2 hinged wire mesh screens folding trellis can be mounted on the sides and or the rear for a total height of 47 inches. Climbing plants, tomatoes or runner beans will have lots of room to grow! Every wall panel allows 20 inch depth of growing height with an attached wire mesh screened frame. Total height of 33.5 inches will keep dogs and pesky away. Weeding and planting will be a breeze with easy access in and out of your garden bed through the door with an attractive latch The pre-manufactured Western Red Cedar panels are designed to assemble with ease.The unit features a central inner walkway with a gate. Once inside, the growing beds are 20 in. high x 28 in. wide capable of yielding a significant crop for you. Add the ‘Deer Fence Option’ to deter the bigger pesky critters or just to grow your plants and crops bigger and taller. The entire unit ships on a pallet via a motor freight company directly to your residence. See our home delivery options to learn more! Western Red Cedar Construction Sturdy and Easy to Assemble Height Keeps out Dogs and Pesky Critters Hardware Included (screws and hinges) Assembled Dimension 95 in. W x 92/141 in. D x 33.5 in. H 20 in. high growing bed with an additional 13.5 in. black wire panel for a total of 33.5 in. high perimeter fencing 47″ high folding trellis panels can be mounted in rear or on the sides Deer Fence option raises the total height to 67″ 28 in. wide growing bed Easy access to the inside through included 30 in. door Pre-assembled raised garden bed panels Front fence panels fold down for easy garden access Kit uses marine grade hinges that do not rust Floor not included with this kit Assembly time is approximately 3 to 6 hours depending on skill