18 diy Pillows for teens ideas

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DIY Watercolor Pillows

DIY Watercolor Pillows -   18 diy Pillows for teens ideas
(Photo Credit: Bluebellgray, The Sewing Rabbit, Pinterest) Do summer sunsets have you in the mood to create a masterpiece of your own? Watercolor patterns are our latest obsession, and we love the way they make our throw pillows pop! Learn how to make your own here. Materials White Pillowcase (or fabric square if you’d like to create your own pillow!) Fabric Paints Paintbrush or Paint Sponge Room Temperature Water Cardboard or Canvas Instructions Step 1: For a more ethereal look, dampen your fabric with water first. For more vibrant colors and defined shapes, keep it dry.Step 2: Fit your pillowcase over your cardboard or canvas, and smooth out any wrinkles.Step 3: Dampen your paintbrush or sponge and begin painting! The more water you use, the lighter the color will be. In addition, you can soften the edges of your painting by just using a water-soaked brush or sponge and gently blending the edge of the painted area. The best part about this DIY project is how flexible it is! You can get as creative as you’d like with patterns, scenery, ombr?, or even stencils. Below are some awesome examples for inspiration. (Photo Credit: Pinterest) (Photo Credit: deCamville Design) (Photo Credit: Tidbits) (Photo Credit: West Elm) ?Step 4: Wait until the finished piece is completely dry (and even then some!) before washing. We recommend hand washing initially. Sometimes, fabric paints can leave your fabric a little stiff, so it’s best to wash with a gentle detergent that will leave your new pillow soft, clean, and beautiful! Share your DIY watercolor pillows with us on Facebook & Instagram!